Tursa Employment & Training is a regional, non-government, not-for-profit, independent organisation founded in 1994 out of personal experience of long term unemployment, for the express purpose of addressing unemployment and alleviating disadvantage suffered by people of the region.

TURSA’s core business activity is all about work: finding work for people who need work, addressing the issues faced by individuals in achieving paid work, finding workers for businesses that need workers, and preparing and training job seekers for work through its status as a Registered Training Organisation.

TURSA in each year provides significant funds to supporting local community organisations, in practical ways, to contribute to the well-being of our community both economically and socially. TURSA also has had a policy since its beginning of purchasing all its goods and services from local organisations and businesses as a pragmatic example of providing further support to the community. Buying local wherever possible makes good social and economic sense.

Tursa Employment & Training delivers many programs and services such as:

  • Name: Tursa Robina
  • Phone: 07 5562 0458
  • Email: tursa.robina@tursa.com.au
  • Visit their website: here