Visionary in nature, Eximm is the parent company to a diverse portfolio of brands.

Founded as the National Management Group in 2003 by Managing Director Garry Goodman, the company was rebranded as Eximm in 2013.

Building on the company’s early success and expanding across several industries to further meet the needs of their growing clientele, Eximm has blossomed to include companies that specialise in Integrated Property Maintenance, Security Services, Communications, Fire Protection, Private Investigation, Metal Fabrication, Legal and much more.

Across each of the industries we specialise in, Eximm is fully licensed, adheres to Australian standards and is governed by best practices within Quality Assurance guide lines.

Discover Eximm’s range of brands on Our Brands page, or visit Our Services to see the multitude of services Eximm provides.

Eximm prides itself on offering:

24/7 Australian-based customer service line Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Wide range of professional expertise Service across Australia

  • Name: Garry Goodman
  • Phone: 07 5531 2799
  • Email: garry@eximm.com
  • Visit their website: here