Toby Wilkinson

Wilko jnr carried Buddy's number with distinction. He picked up B&Fs with the juniors and OBs, and won Best Backman twice in the seniors. Oddly enough, Toby also won the OBs goalkicking in one season - long kick that backman Wilko!

Over the many years of playing and spectating Toby rates watching the '87 GF at Palmy; a couple of senior's final wins and 2 OBs flags as his fondest memories. A modest player, Toby either recieved 4 weeks suspension or crossed that reply section to indicate a clean sheet. We think the latter.

These days Toby busies himself with Sylvia and the Super 8s. Together they develop the cream of the district into fine tuned tactically aware units - all 82 of 'em in 2012 - who enetertain themselves and supporters on Friday nights. Occasionally their skills and evident enjoyment is een at the long breal at Metricon Stadium.
Putting back and being with the kids is what it is about.

  • Number: 23
  • Born:
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games: 86 seniors 4 Magoos and 30 OBs
  • Years Played.1980 - 2012 includes OBs
  • Position.Centre Half Back
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