Ben "Stalk" Walters

Fair pedigree. Member of team of the decade. Faster than a speeding Stork, more powerful than a plate glass window, flys over tall centre half forwards/backs, and can bring the crowd to their feet with spectacular feats.Ben celebrated his 150th in season 2010, which is second only to Korey Fulton in State League games played. Known to his mates as Ben and to his teammates as “Stalk”, he has been a Broadie player 1994 to 2010 inclusive : a total of 17 years. While many assume that “Stalk” is descriptive of his physical stature, his mum Maree confides that it is a diminutive of “Stalker”, a nickname that stuck ever since he started, and wouldn’t stop, following neighborhood girls around.

Nonetheless, at 1900mm and 76 kg, Stalk does resemble a beanstalk, can hide behind goal posts and catapult himself into the stratosphere. Appropriately nominated as a utility player, Stalk has made a lot of coaches look good by plugging the gaps at the selection table and during games. In any position down the spine, or in the ruck, he provides excitement for the supporters and incites confidence for the coaching staff. His leap from a standing start is prodigious and off the long run often results in spectacular acrobatics. Get hold of the 2009 season video summary and look for Aspley at home for a big catch that typifies his efforts at the sherrin in the air.

Not shabby across the deck either, Stalk can work up some pace and fill a running player role, or such is his ability, can direct play from within stoppages and finish off with clean disposal. Courageous on the field and demure off it, Stalk is a sensitive new age type of bloke who fancies a Pimms and lemonade and quiet relaxing evenings strumming his guitar – any off field injury has been entirely accidental. A plasterer by trade and a deferred uni student by circumstance, Stalk’s ambition is to assist KLF to accumulate its second million before establishing himself as a muso and maybe, a primary school teacher before settling on a maiden of his choice.

Ben has played under 6 Senior Coaches in John Northey, Daniel Dodd, Craig O’Brien, Denis Knight, Shaun Hart and Adrian Smith to reach his 150 State League Senior Games. He bags them all, convinced that but for them he may have been picked up in the draft in his younger days or more recently as a mature aged recruit.

Stalk’s quality longevity is something akin to a good red maturing. He was runner-up Senior Best and Fairest in 2007, sixth in 2008 and 5th in 2009; he tasted finals footy in 2001-4-5-6 and was selected in the Broadbeach State League team of the Decade in 2006; he represented Queensland in the National Country Championships in 2008 and has been held in regard from his early to contemporary days, as captain of the under 18s in 1999 and vice captain of the seniors in 2009.

He was awarded Playing Life Membership in 2009.

Congratulations to Ben for an outstanding footy career to date and if Bulldog can continue to bear witness and chaperone successfully we may yet see number 33 wowing ‘em at the Cattery for a few years to come. Fantastic Stalker.

Loves the training track. Owes Boothy a vote of thanks for quick thinking after 2008 accident with above mentioned plate glass window. A Wiggles aspirant although he is not sure what colour.


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  • # of career games: 151
  • Years Played.2001 - 2010
  • Position.Utility
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