Ben "Noodles" Tindall

Not quite Fults' age but old enough to recognise Michael Jackson before he was white, "Noodles" took a year away from his teaching duties and roamed the the burbs of London and Europe with the odd game in the BAFL in 2007 and returned to the fold in 2008. One of four players to notch a ton of games at Broadbeach since entry to the State league in 1997 and a member of the 1996 premiership team, he slotted in nicely rotating in the forward line. Experience is evident and you could see the brain ticking over where others are in 'speed' mode. Suffered a few injuries over the 2008 journey and failed to get up for 2009. Was heading to comfort zone place, content to ensure Helensvale High Tech maintaining #1 status in aussie rules schools competition, when the Bower spell struck and is now on the Football Department staff and will take pressure for selections?

State player 1996

Senior Premeirship 1996

Best remembers the '96 flag and the 3 day celebration and a nude shoot for a Red Faces night. We have a photo of that on disk if anyone is interested. Is modesty personified in refusing to remind us of his best ever performance because nothing compares to Walshy!!

  • Number: 36
  • Born:
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 108
  • # of career games: 165 throw in Colts and Magoos
  • Years Played.1994 - 2008
  • Position.Center Half Forward
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