Matt Spencer

Absolute madman during his first stint at the Cattery. But a good man to have in the trenches. Even had hair back then and would fly off the half back line (when lines were used) to meet the ball carrier head on. Decided to move on in 2009 to Wadonga Raiders and in hus third game completely smashed his ankle to the tune of $14k. Club failed to suupport him - maybe a message on insurance there - so Matt gave footy away until arriving back on the coast in 2014. Now a senior player, and bald, he plays hard ball with some discipline. Knocked up 4 games in the ones after developing some fitness and his preparation for 2015 has been without hitch. And is contributing to Rhino Dienjes new silhouette via the boxing ring.

BA is able to spend more time at training because Matt is holding down the numero uno possy at the office? After hours Matt lectures at a college of pugilistic arts.

  • Number: 15
  • Born: 1987
  • Weight: 83kg
  • Height: 181cm
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 51
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.2006-08, 2014-
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