Brent Snook

One of our WA imports - the Angus influence in action?

Snooky answers to the nickname Jetta or The Mexican or Pablo, stands a handy 1900mm and carries a svelte 91 kg, And while he may be confused with nicknames, has a preference for playing across the backline but all the references we can find, has him kicking goals which suggests our opposition should have a defensive forward in their ranks.  The East Perth footy forum 2008 reports:Snook: young defender from Busselton, had a good summer and with time will also develop into a handy player for the club. But time saw Brent return to the Maggies.

Pablo was a captain throughout his junior football and into the Colts winning a runner-up B&F in the Colts and in 2010 won the Most Consistent and Young Talent Award for the Seniors in 2010. He went on to have a great year with Busselton in 2011 playing all games and snapping 18 goals. Often appeared in the best alongside Jordan Eastwell and Jake Reynolds (couple of other sandgropers on the list this year), and bagged two lots of 5 goals. Not bad for a backman whose proudest moment on the deck was keeping Adam Hunter to 2 goals in a 70 point loss. 

A Phys Ed teacher stuck on Lance Franklin and Jordan Eastwell, the latter being the most stupid thing he has ever done.The trip east was motivated by winter weather and since arrival, a daily Starbucks. A bit scared of romance on the Pacific Ocean side of the continent he fears he won't meet enough girls and is actively looking for a wingman. Taylor Green has offered his services at competitive rates. Whatever, he has Eastwell for the rest of his life. Like many a teacher hasn't read a book since uni.

Favourite meal: Mexican which explains a couple of nicknames.

His favourite pastime is indeed socialising and his best ever performance has been off the track. Actively looking for love, must be massivly clucky and a 10, else he'll keep on playing with his phone.

Ultimate ambition is a premiership tattoo.

  • Number: 30
  • Born: 1989
  • Weight: 91
  • Height: 190
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2012 recruit
  • # of career games:
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