Nick Scott

Scotty, a sad Kangaroo supporter played school footy at St Josephs College (Geelong) where he won Most Courageous and Runner Up Best & Fairest for the First XVIII in 2007. Altghough his best ever performance was in the under 16s when he came back on after being knocked out, and went on to kick three in a thrilling win. Throw in a few junior B&Fs, a couple of BOGs for interleague and representative teams and there is a fair pedigree somewhere in the Scott family. Nic also got to play on the hallow turf at the MCG and won the Herald Shield first year but got done the next. Went on to play with Newtown & Chilwell Football Club (Geelong Football League, and put in 60 games running 10th in the League Coaches' award 2010. Thought at first to be a running type at home across the half back line or in the middle. From what we have seen, can also do a tagging job as prescribed and with a total of 43 sausage rolls is clearly a goal sneak. Scotty enjoys Foxy's Tabata Training and it makes sense that his favourite tucker is sushi (google Tabata to figure that one out).  We were going to include his favourite sportsperson but there would be few amongst us who would recognise the name Stephen Gerrard.

A recent graduate with a commerce degree, Scotty harbours a fear of the Eagle's biceps and a latent love for Stephanie Rice, Wayne Carey and Shane Warne in that order.  We reckon he could be a bit suss given his favourite pastime is indoor soccer, although it might explain why he keeps a collection of chain saws which he uses to clean fluff from fellow players' navels.

Played 16 in his first season and aquitted himself well. Very good in the clutch and after losing his place dominated in the twos to win back his position in the seniors. Polled votes in both grades. All this while he studied Chemistry and Physics - not easy for a commerce graduate - in preparation to undertaking a Dip Ed in 2012. In 2013 - 14 he played a total of 34 as a member of the leadership group and ran 4th in the '14 B&F. Now enjoys the stability of a teaching position, wearing a tie to work,  and a permanent girlfriend soon to be fiancee. A sense of moral turpitude keeps him out of the tipping comp. Kizza's personal chauffeur in between 2012-13 pre season sessions.  Whisper of a leading leadership role this season?

  • Number: 23
  • Born: 1989
  • Weight: 78
  • Height: 178
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 61
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.2011 -
  • Position.Across the middle, up front
  • Sponsor: Corio Bay Health Group