Andrew 'Shoey' Schumacher

Enjoyed the tribunal and them him if you take 14 weeks as an indicator. But that's what vice capatins do!

Shoey was apparently the resident DJ and Kareoke King when it came to Khe Saihn.

Was the first player to wear size 44 shorts in the seniors. One wonders what the rest of him looked like.  And in the same year was called Stewy by Swooper all year.

Could maybe get a game for the Demons 2012?

  • Number: 9
  • Born:
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games: Heaps in Ones and Twos
  • Years Played.A total of 7 years in the early naughties
  • Position.Full Back/Full Forward
  • Sponsor: