James Royes

Royes found us via the draft from Southport, or maybe Matt Angus sent him across? Who knows, who cares? He has proved to be a top pick up.  Pushed the likes of Searly in the 2014 B&F to finish just behind Tales, Brayde Palmer and Nick Scott  - not a bad return for a first year player who had only played the game for a just three years with that high powered mob up north, the Yepoon Swans! (Between Roysey and Rooksy we have a total of 7 years of footy).

Formerly a Rugby League junior of promise, a growth spurt plus a kick that went long but not straight, led him to try Aussie Rules. Skippered and won a flag with the U/17s in 2011 and was Runner-up B&F  that same year. Roysey thinks tall and can be used either end of the ground in key position roles. Commenced the 2014 year down back where he was a revelation much in the John Armstrong style of straight ahead play and long clearing kicks. Throw in a reasonable jump and safe catch and Bob's yer Uncle. Pedro switched him in one game, forget which, but that move won us the four points on the day. Might have made the Southport NEAFL list this year but has shown class to sign on for a big year. Will probably request a long weekend to duck by Mongolia again.

James is about to graduate with a Bachelor of Business in marketing and Human Resources and is looking for suitable full time employment. The quality of this young man suggests if you have such an opening, you'd do well to at least interview him.  Does not know what a stab pass is and looks for food scraps in the heating tunnels of Ulaanbaatar

  • Number: 28
  • Born: 1994
  • Weight: 94kg
  • Height: 1930mm
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 15
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.2014 -
  • Position.Switch Hitter
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