Aaron Rolfe

Answering to "The Better Rolfe", Azza played senior footy at 16. Pedigree from his paternal grandfather who pulled on the boots for the bloods. Never gives it up and loves to run the player in possession into the deck. Does not shirk the contest and can adapt to running the corridor or the lines on the fat or skinny side. Does some inspirational stuff without regard for his own safety and in 2009-10 proved a regular goal sneak. Would edge out Snipperama in a straight 6 at Flemington.

In the early days loved to line up on Tinka in the under 12s - not for the feint heart we are led to believe. Managed to fit in footy in between 6 years of undefeated seasons in the Beach Sprint and Beach Flags. Five time Australian champion. Doesn't get better than that. Azza was a regular representative player and made the All Australian Under 15 side in 2004. Eighth in seniors 2009 B&F and figured strongly in 2010 at tenth. Notched his 50 game milestone in 2011.  Enjoys in close full contact competitive work and dislikes out wide no contact static work - figures. We will never forget him throwing himslef into the fray abandoning all measures for safety. Pity he couldn't kick consistently because he was the perfect defensive forward in the comp ahd he've capitilised on his opportunities. Went off to Surfers in 2012 and we wished him well along with brother Squizz. Retired after season 2012 but has rejuvinated himself to join his brothers Jacko and the other one at Broady for 2015.

Has the pride and courage to nominate Nan as his most treasured possession and Helen Stewart as his partner in life. Could brighten up your life with his electrician quals and many a young lady looking for same.

Interesting choices away from the footy ground. Last book read: Facebook; favourite male sportsperson: The Rock, who by the way is now being paid just for being a male since he did a fetlock or something similar; and is most scared of Platinum at 5am.  Who has a putrid head?

PS Rolfey did a knee in the practice game against PBC. Feels like the virgin who saved himself for the wedding night but was knocked over in the rush at the buck's night. Has waited this last two years to come back to footy only to have the ACL, the PBC, the XYZ and the TLA in his left leg gone. Tragedy.  Who wants number 9?

  • Number: 9
  • Born: 1989
  • Weight: 76
  • Height: 179
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 60
  • # of career games:
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