Al Rogers

Walked in from the wilderness into the club on his zimmer frame begging for a game. Seems Al is a serial walker as we are his second walk-in target. Al answers to BigAL, Buck and Fog. We're not asking the obvious. Chose us for the obvious reasons which might attract slander saction by Southport and Labrador, so we won't print them. We also cannot print his best ever sledge heard at the Hammers down south where the prim ladies of Sandingham had him in stiches with their use of the magic word and others.

Has been out of the game for a couple of years but taking our clues from training could have plenty to offer to a club in the NEAFL. Describes himself as an old school defender? But appears as a rational sort of backman whose main fear in life is having 3 kicked on him in the first stanza. Is even more rational when he admits that his most treasured possessions are his 2 boys. Got that one right!

Junior footy was with the Geelong Falcons, played there for two years and simultaneously played with Cobden ones in the Hampden footy league. Won Back to back Flags with Cobden (one of the flags was against Korey Fulton). After that went to Werribee in the VFL and spent three years there in and out of the ones, more twos than ones for various reasons. Won a twos flag with them against Williamstown (big Barry Roundy was in the Willi team). After that played metro footy in Melbourne in the WRFL, then went country for a year and won another flag in the NCFL (and selected in the NCFL combined side), played interleague and made league team of the year there. During his time in the VFL he recalls bagging 7 in a game including 2 in the first quarter from outside the 50m mark at Optus Oval in a GF; and keeping a VFL leading goalkicker goaless in a final.
Then retired at 23 to move up to QLD and didn’t play until 2007 where he was a walk in off the street with Zillmere, played under Murray Davis for the year and was one of the last four cut for the QLD team that took on Tassie that year. Moved to the Goldie in 2008 and retired again for family reasons.
Has never had any trouble with any injuries (touch wood) and has been active with Triathlons throughout the periods in between footy so hasn’t been sitting on his rear and has completed a handful of half ironmans.

Off the deck spends his time as a structural engineer, and we trust his experience and undoubted talent sees him engineer a successful on-deck structure in 2012.  If any of those multi stories on the coast fail, look for his name in the Bully.

This comeback is the silliest thing he has ever done. Someone must disagree with him as he was elected onto the leadership group first time out.

Eats Egg and Bacon pie.


  • Number: 32
  • Born: 1982
  • Weight: 98
  • Height: 190
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2012 recruit
  • # of career games:
  • Sponsor: ADG Engineers (Aust) Pty Ltd