Ezra Poyas

Clearly his parents were not dyslexic. Too much to sort out but we do know that Ezra spends most of his time watching TV with in mute mode. He is improving his lip reading in preparation for approaching old age.

Despite never having played for the swannies, a decade after his victory in the VFL's JJ Liston Trophy, Broadbeach is delighted to welcome brilliant midfielder and elusive goal kicking forward Ezra Poyas to the Club for the 2012 NEAFL season.

Ezra displayed his talents early on and is a former captain of the Victoria Metropolitan side at both Under 18 & Under 16 age groups and was named in the TAC 1999 team of the year. His AFL career began at Richmond where he was drafted from the Sandringham Dragons at pick number 22 and played nine games as a small forward from 2000 – 2002, however a serious shoulder injury saw him delisted. It was whilst playing for Richmond’s VFL Club Coburg in 2001, that he shared the JJ Liston Trophy.

 Ezra had another crack when drafted by Melbourne at pick 43 in 2003 however he did not get the opportunity to play a senior game. He was delisted at the end of that year, despite finishing 3rd in VFL affiliate Sandringham’s Best and Fairest count.

 In 2004 Ezra took some time off football, travelled overseas with his partner until they ran out of dollars somewhere in Europe, and then returned to Oz to live in Sydney. On his return to Melbourne, he signed with Sandringham in the VFL where he played in all three of Sandringham’s hat-trick of Premierships wins (2004-06).  The Hammer’s website relates the tale as follows:

"BACK IN TOWN Ezra Poyas has been a surprise late season recruit.

Mark Williams knows better than most just how hard it is to recruit players, especially quality ones.

The Sandringham premiership coach has spent the past eight summers trying to entice the signatures of would-be recruits. More often than not, especially when he was at Northern Bullants, just when he thought he had secured a prized player, news would filter through that the offer had been trumped and the player had slipped through the recruiting net.

Given that backdrop, imagine Williams' surprise when Zebras' general manager John Mennie rang him on a May afternoon with the news that the club had just signed a player. But this was no ordinary player. It was Ezra Poyas, joint winner with Brett Backwell, of the 2001 Liston Trophy.

It was during his time with Melbourne that Poyas played with Sandringham, which reached the preliminary final. The Demons released Poyas after the season and although Sandringham tried to talk him into staying at Trevor Barker Oval, Poyas decided he needed a break from football.

Williams said Poyas headed overseas and on his return lived in Sydney, where for the first time in a
while, he was able to get away from football-mad life in Melbourne. He said Poyas rang the club to ask if he could play. The Zebras didn't need any think music before accepting the offer.

When Ezra rang we couldn't believe our luck. He's a very good player, a very dangerous weapon to have, especially when you are coming into finals," Williams said.

For a Liston medallist to walk through the door and say `I want to play football for you' is a dream come true.

 We are sharing that dream at Broadbeach!

 Ezra must have thought he was Dorian Gray when a VFL.com forum in September 2006 exhorted:

 “Is Ezra Poyas worth another chance in the draft ? …Poyas has been outstanding and his game on Saturday was sensational. If Sportsbet are betting on the Norm Goss Medalist get on Poyas. How old is Poyas ? 25 maybe, then I think he is worth a punt in the draft. He has matured and is playing better than ever. There is plenty of worse players than Poyas running around in the AFL. That is of course if he nominates for the draft. “

 Ezra went on to represent a VFL team that played the WAFL in May 2007, but injured his hamstring just four minutes into the match. In 2009 he joined the St Kilda City Football Club at the Peanut Farm (Southern Football League) where he was an important member of their 2009 and 2010 Premiership sides. A 2009 match report from the Cheltenham AFC (a St Kilda City opponent) provides a guide as to Ezra’s football talents.

“Ezra Poyas was at his magical best for the winners, booting five goals, two of them straight out of the 'you had to see it to believe it’ file.”

Time had not affected Ezra’s undoubted football ability as last year he was crowned the Southern Football League's Division 1 Best and Fairest winner. He polled 24 votes and was awarded six best a fields and gained votes in nine matches. In addition, he kicked 56 goals for the Saints in his 21 matches. The Herald Sun reported that the result surprised nobody at St Kilda City. Saints people thought him a Black Caviar-like certainty. But apparently Ezra said: "Nah, not really, I didn't expect it. I gave the umpires too much!" The 30-year-old has been with St Kilda City for three years. "Love it. Great club. I really enjoy playing local footy, the social side of it," he said. That will please us all at Broady.

Welcome Ezra, enjoy!

  • Number: 32
  • Born: 1981
  • Weight: 86
  • Height: 186
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2012 recruit
  • # of career games:
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