James Pecotich

Half Croation is the first response from James. Well, he's no Mark Viduka thank goodness. Anyway, at 2000 mm he wouldn't fit under the onion bag.

With a Sydney background he didn't even tinker with RL. Wrong body type? Nope, a mother (French/English) who saw the future and had him sleeping with a sherrin at 7 years old after a promising carrer in baseball eluded him at 6 yo. Of course he is now convinced Aussie Rules is the better game and now full Croat dad is at every game.

A Broady junior with 130 games 2008 - 15, during which time he suffered the indignity of losing 4 or 5 grannies, he spent some of his time in Div 2 sides. It goes to show how these taller fellas require time so their reaction times can match their physical development, it's called coordination. This bloke is maybe demonstrating that the 'exception proves the rule' and appears comfortable and confident with his body dimensions. So much so he has bypassed the Colts and rather than a 'rotation' ruckman, is a genuine partner to Brayde. Exceptional at the boundary stoppages, we haven't seen him beaten to the ball in this, his debut season. Looking forward to monitoring his progress toward elite status.

James also has a few 'trams and trains' suited to academic discipline, and is at uni doing Engineering. At last, one of our players not doing Exercise Science. Second year choice between elec., mech., chem. and civil may depend on timetabling in between footy committments.
He is single ladiez, a fair dab with an acoustic guitar, and inbetween times is flogging  a range of self designed tutus for the taller adventurous ballerina.

  • Number: 57
  • Born: 1998
  • Weight: 85
  • Height: 200cm
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2015 debut
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.2015
  • Position.Where do you reckon?
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