Jaran 'Jazz' Pantic

Jaran joined Broady in 2010 along with brother Ryan. They were overcome with friendliness at Redlands and looked for a club with Rolfe brothers but without daylight saving so they could get in an early morning surf. Jaran, nicknamed J-Pants in game reports, answers to JP or Juch while on a wave in his Phantom Hurley boardshorts.

His first game of Aussie Rules was at the famous St Marys in Darwin, and more recently 70 games in Redlands seniors across the half forward line. Before that Jaran put in a good one in the Australian under 18 championships against the Oakleigh Chargers in 2005. He can play in more positions than the Kama Sutra and back from injury in the last game of 2010, put in time in just about every spot on the deck. Can play tallish to smallish, likes it hard and will put his body in places where most won’t go, (although is scared of bus-sized sharks), tends to the left, but can display all the skills. Had an injury plagued season and spent a lot of game time coming back through the twos where he ran equal 5th in the B&F. Good on-field leader by example and advice.

Put in the lazy 10 games in 2011 but made a place running into what should have been a finals campaign. Polled in both the Magoos and Seniors B&F. Has had an injury riddled career interspersed with one of the great marks of the century in the ressies GF win in 2012. Good communicator on the deck and plies his trade best around the forward half.

Please speak English and he is your man if you need video editing. He is still busy trying to make a movie of Ian Healy telling Arunja Ranatunga that "you can't have a runner for being fat!" Producer, director and writer for CATS TV in 2016.

Had his best year yet in 2015 with the first 13 straight in the ones. Injury tempered the rest of the season and he racked up a couple in the Twos at the back end of the season. Always around supporting the club.

When he is not in therapy, JP is a sales rep by occupation, and crows supporter by birthright, Jaran’s love of surfing has taken him to Indonesia where he played with the Noahs  at Lombok and the cantik cewe at night. He is a confident Mr Perfect who dabbles in penis etchings for poetry purposes while designing self mutilation tattoos. Also fancies a dramatic role or two having nailed a performance in a Mid Summers Night Dream but Pants failed to inform us of the part. Probably Puck or Bottom.

  • Number: 2
  • Born: 1987
  • Weight: 82
  • Height: 1890
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 40
  • # of career games: 70
  • Years Played.2010 -
  • Position.Utility
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