Greg O'Shea

Greg walked in off the street looking for a game of footy. Apparently jumped in his Ferrari and followed his partner to the Coast. She has a bikini factory while Greg thinks he is logical about the transport business.

From Coburg Districts in Melbourne, where Greg put in 115 games and was the competition leading goal kicker for the last three seasons. Clearly we are hoping he can continue that track record and bolster our gun forwards.  As Guru Bob might have said: A journey of a 1712.2 Klicks begins with a practice run versus Burleigh Twos at Bond Uni - that's a far cry from Melbourne and Coburg Districts. Let's hope it's all worth it. Enjoy your time here Greg.

lasted all of three games in Twos and couldn't train - not selected Transfer to Surfers. Played in their ressies v us and lost. Kicked 5 though.

  • Number: 3
  • Born: 1990
  • Weight: 84
  • Height: 188
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2015 recruit
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.2015-
  • Position.Forward
  • Sponsor: