Luke O'Rourke

Luke is a former Broadbeach Junior who was confused between Baseball and Footy. A left arm pitcher he had a mean spit ball which he deployed when representing Queensland at U/14; U/16 and U/18 levels. That puts him in the frame for a big decision in terms of a starry eyed go at the bigtime or playing with your mates. The latter won out and while at Carrara/Broady he played Stingrays U/14s - U/16s. Gave Broady away because of a work opportunity - another big decision - and wandered down to Carrara where he won the U/14s B&F and captained the U/16s GF side at Burleigh when they lost by 4 points.

Back at Broady after a senior appearance at Burleigh, Luke stood out in pre season games as a rollicking forward, willing to run and/or stand his ground in the packs. Relaible poke from a set shot at the big ones as well. Luke is single and available (that is not a tautology), and a happy bloke to be part of the the exodus to Broadbeach by former juniors. Being an irrigator Luke is aware that irrigation in the Murray Darling basin has an economic multiplier of 3.5, indicating that for every $1,000 of farm gate revenue generated there is an additional $3,500 of dependent economic activity. Unfortunately not much of that hits his back pocket.

Welcome back Luke.

  • Number: 31
  • Born: 1993
  • Weight: 95
  • Height: 183
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2016 recruit
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.Former Jnr.
  • Position.Forward
  • Sponsor: SS IRRIGATION