Ben Nelson

Ben gets a nose bleed just looking at his number.

Who cares about Ben anyway, it's his dog Charlie we were after!

Driven by failure and his girlfriend Rosie, off the deck Boy George likes to water ski and eat tacos - not at the same time - and is studying hard to become rich through gambling. Unfortunately he has chosen David Shwartz as his mentor. Ultimate ambition is to make enough to afford a metro-makeover to look like Boy George.

Of course we are kidding? Boy George came to us all the way from Paynesville where he won a runner-up in the B&F, via Burleigh where he put in an all time best ever performance in a come from behind win over Western Magpies for Burleigh's 50th anniversary. Although he has also lived the dream in slotting a winning goal after the siren. In the context of our club, Ben is a mature aged utility currently plying his trade up front. His form thus far suggests he is leading the way in field direction and placing himself in suicidal spots to protect his younger team mates. We have the feeling that Ben is one of those blokes every footy club needs; willing to volunteer, to do the hard job, and to keep on keeping on when it is the most difficult thing to do. Could just be a prized recruit except that he is a bloody StKilda supporter.

Had a good year captaining the Magoos from the front and ran 7th in the B&F and awarded the Most Professional Player' trophy. We hope the Painsville lad stays with us in 2012  and continues to be negligent (opening the door at night wearing only a nightgown). Wonder what Shaun Jacka thinks of that?

  • Number: 58
  • Born: 1986
  • Weight: 83
  • Height: 187
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games:
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