Blair Morgan

Balir has been in the wilderness for the past 3 years, trying to play golf. Put in 100 games or so with our juniors including a 6 goal performance in the under 16s. In 2011 his little bit of maturity may give him the edge in the contest and looks a likely type except for his support of the Scraggers and Mila Kunis. Has taken to training - except for Foxy's drills - and we are hoping his return is a positive for the club. Put the odd one in the Magoos in 2011 but the professional attitude required by the cultural change at Broady may have not been the sporting arena for Blair.

Self confessed loser in punching above his weight on the Love Boat. Looking forward to a cracker of a year and a few schooners with the boys after the game.

  • Number: 37
  • Born: 1988
  • Weight: 78
  • Height: 184
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 0
  • # of career games:
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