James Kennedy

James Kennedy is a 21 yo of fair proportions at 2080mm and 108 kegs. We thinks he is a reject from basketball and will line up in the ruck having spent seasons hidden by Collingwood and goal posts with Old Scotch in the  Victorian Amateurs  and latterly with Werribee in the VFL. Broady is the highlight of his sporting journey that has provided opportunities to complete a Masters in Meat Headology without actually working. A North Melbourne supporter and Wayne Carey bromancer, James is happy to be in Queensland to do things differently and to challenge himself. Given that he is offended by daylight savings, he is in the right spot.

James claims to speak 16 languages to himself, prefers mankinis to budgie smugglers, is scared of cricket balls and treasures his first pair of reading glasses. Has no idea of what a droolie is, yet reads Dennis Rodman, maintains colourless tats (except for the fish eye), and a lady friend, plus a desire for a parrot that repeats his sentences. James hates blokes who jog slowly in front of him and tell shit jokes on warm up laps.

As a part time reporter for WikiLeaks, James has put his masters to good use and blown the whistle on the rumour that Squiz will win a Brownlow Medal. Didn't exactly put the place on fire in 2011 but started with good intentions playing the first three in the ones and then along came Mitch, Josh and others.

  • Number: 38
  • Born: 1988
  • Weight: 108
  • Height: 208, yes 2080mm
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 3
  • # of career games:
  • Sponsor: