Mitchell Kennedy

Known as The Bus and in from southern climes around Sorrento. A walk-in in 2015 and we are the lucky ones. Mitch is the ultimate clubman. Reliable trainer, leads by example on the deck. An inside player who likes to first to the ball. Constantly observed driving the ball forward by foot or finding a better placed team mate by hand.Wasn't long before he assumed captaincy of the Twos (a role he also had at Sorrento).

Doesn't look all that quick but is deceptive over the first 10 and still there if it has to go further. To cap the year off The Bus romped home with 67 votes to win the B&F.

The Bus is a "a big 6 wheeler, 97HP Omnibus", the complete mass transit vehicle. We hope his girlfriend stays at Bond for some time to come because that will mean he stays at Broady.

  • Number: 52
  • Born:
  • Weight: 82
  • Height: 180
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games: 17
  • Years Played.2015 -
  • Position.Middle
  • Sponsor: