Travis 'TJ' Johnson

Hampered by parents who still have Teddy Whitten posters in their bedroom, Travis notched up his games back in 2002. Couple of knee reconstructions and rehab work saw him back on the track in 2008 displaying his wares on the half forward line in the Magoos. Still runs for the magoos, great club citizen.

Seemingly at home down back/half forward, but can rack up possessions in the pivot. Competition B&F winner in Juniors. 2 weeks for striking blots the record.

Remembers (i)  the 2005 Magoos premiership and beating Southport after the siren and celebrations that went on for days and days, and (ii) the magoos 2004 GF. Lost but was the stepladder for  Luke McGuane (Richmond player) hanger.

  • Number: 29
  • Born:
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 4
  • # of career games: 100s
  • Years Played.1993 - 2001 Juniors, 2002 - 2010 seniors
  • Position.Forward/Utility
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