Sam 'Mudflaps' I:Anson

Winner of Magoos B&F award season 2008. Flapper rucked tirelessly seemingly without change for entire games and proved to be valuable back-up for Mitch Andrews. Mudflaps has developed a style for ball up stoppages that often sees opponents sprawled on the deck for some time, after the contest. Also discovering how to position himself a kick behind to lock ball in our 50. Put together 13 games in 2009 and serious knee injury accounted for season 2010. Has been working hard on the track for 2011 and is part of a number vying for senior ruck position. Suffered knee injury (same knee) in intra club game and hopeful that it is not serious. Unfortunately it was and is and he hasn't played since.

Lost all his teeth licking an eggbeater while it was still going.

  • Number: 60
  • Born: 1989
  • Weight: 91
  • Height: 192
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 14
  • # of career games:
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