Keo Harris

Born in Darwin with a rightly proud African - American heritage, Keo tried his hand at soccer (ugh), and League (not so ugh but ugh anyway) before he came on Aussie Rules. Built like a NFL quarter back - his Dad is a marine in Washington - Keo is working on the default moves of an aussie rules player and his intuition is growing. Has some speed with his ideal running half back torso and in the one game we have observed, delivered the sherrin a la Jetta style into the forward half.

Keo played 18 games in our colts in 2013 then tried his luck at Burleigh 2014. Back where he belongs, we are hoping for yet more improvement such that he challenges for place at the elite level. "Everything comes to those who wait, but what shall we do with everything?" (Guru Bob) Still waiting following a lack lustre season interupted by injury. 6 games in the ressies.

Keo is presently a lifeguard who is fascinated by daylight saving.

  • Number: 40
  • Born: 1995
  • Weight: 80
  • Height: 183
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games: 6 reserves
  • Years Played.2013. 2015 -
  • Position.half back on the flank
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