Matt Freeman

More to come. Matt has a pedigree a few yards long and we are taking our time to precis all the info.

Matt has spent the last 6 years at Broady after coming across from Southport. He has racked up club B&Fs and is a 5 time runner-up for competition B&Fs, and has played representative football in under 12s; 14s; 15s and 16s winning a B&F in the u/14s and polling BOGs in 2 of the u/16 fixtures. This year prefers to do the work at H&A Oval rather than the Scorpions but should stand by for selection if past form is any idicator.

From what we have observed, Matt has a big engine and uses it to cover plenty of territory. Is also especially good at stoppages with his fearless in and under ball gets.

Matt's pedigree, as explained by Dad John, goes to his grandfather (we resume paternal) who had a Barassi/Norm Smith connection. All his brothers played rep footy so there might be something in that. John also acknowledges that a John Handy assisted inhis early days. His final remark was a very brave "His mother was bloody hopeless."

Matt thinks of only three things in life: Footy, footy and footy! He has Dane Swan scattered all over and but for his father might have the full arm sleeve as Swan. So much is his regard for the Woods that he excomunicated his girlfriend on the basis that she was not a Woods supporter. These days they come and go after inspection invariably reveals no knowledge of Collingwood or what they do in life. Certainly limits his love life!

  • Number: 50
  • Born: 1993
  • Weight: 174
  • Height: 70
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games:
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