Micah Fitzsimmons

Here is a young man of steely determination and more mature than his years. Raised in and around Townsville he is typical of many regional people and their passion for sport. A sporting elitist whose talents as an under age  competitor were world class. Micah could cover the 100, 200 and 400  in less than 11, 22 and 50 seconds respectively which he did at State Aths carnivals. That is quick. A specialist Butterflyer he could also out medley most over a 400m journey, which he did often enough at the Nationals. Somehow he also found time to play the round ball code in between school and his training regime for aths and swimming from age 14 and up.

Micah picked up a couple of soccer premierships and B&Fs (2011-12) along the way in his search for the holy grail of sports. Eventually he came across Aussie Rules and decided to try it for a different experience. He was hooked. He quit all sporting endeavors in his quest to play AFL at the highest possible levels. In 3 years with the Thuringowa Bulldogs within a 4 team comp in Townsville, he wrapped up two premierships in one day (under 16s and seniors) and then lifted his eyes to state representation.  Through an ex Broady person (Phil Heers), he located a host on the coast in Ash Wollerman (1980s Catter whose contemporary feats include getting his mum to do his footy tips), and made a bid for the SUNs academy . He was cut from the list for failing the 3Km time test. Given his aths background, and that he had  only just recuperated from an appendectomy, and he was not that much over the target time, smarter heads may have given him another crack. Still it has been to our advantage.

Micah is a silent assassin. He comes through like a rolling stone gathering no moss. Observing his trail through packs is like looking at the wake of a tinnie with a 150 on board. And his pace is electrifying as are his second efforts on the inside. Put it all together and you have a ball burster down back who can turn defence into attack in the glimpse of an eye. When his outside polish matches the look in his eyes, (which say "Get out of my way, I'm going to make it."),  no doubt he will find himself in the middle.

Single, he has no time for relationships unless you are an aussie rules player who can teach him something.  Doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and watches the Fight Club over and over. Relaxes by researching the 10 plagues of Biblical Egypt.
Looking for work. We'd employ him.

  • Number: 39
  • Born: 1998
  • Weight: 75.5
  • Height: 175
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2016 recruit
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.2016 -
  • Position.back ++
  • Sponsor: