James Fitzgerald

Fitzy, James recruited 2007 from Mudgeeraba Juniors Football Club (150+ games), arriving at Broady when 17 arm-in-arm with Shorty??? Won the B&F in 2004 beating a fair exponent of the game today in Dayne Beams, but modestly points out he played almost twice as many games only to win by a couple of votes. Who gives a stuff, history records Fitzy's name on the trophy. As will his 6 big ones against PBC under 14s.

Utility player, strong endurance runner with the ability to shake an opponent and head for goal. Had a couple of games as an under 18 in 2009 and backed up in 2010 with a handful, saving his best work for the magoos, but one of few players to poll votes in both sides. Ran the 3 click time trial in a tad over the 10 min mark, meaning he is a an elite runner. Has form with a win in year 12  ath carnival, 800m event when he beat home his best mate by less than a second. All things being equal, Fitzy will kick on in 2011 in moot court and on the deck, and never ever  participate in another tabata drill again. 2012 Fitzy sees himself in BrisVegas on the final leg of his first million - good luck from all at Merrimac.

A mixed doubles freak whose ambition is to play Nic Riewwoldt and Sam Stosur in a final with Ric Nixon as umpire, Fitzy also reads non-picture books featuring entrepreneur heros. Clear the decks you property developers, James is on his way - if he doesn't die first. Fitzy is going for a Law Commerce double degree in half the time at Bond Uni, following which, at 6 minute charge-out rates in the members bar at the ‘G’ on Boxing Day, HECS fees will be repaid at the speed of light. Already on his way as in-house-counsel at JLF Group of Companies.

Shows no class at all off the deck by supporting the Saints and using his iphone with his wipe while on the toilet.

  • Number: 34
  • Born: 1991
  • Weight: 75
  • Height: 178
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 9
  • # of career games:
  • Sponsor: