Shaun 'Jacka' Everington

Shaun grew up in Mallacoota, and really loved soccer through his primary and middle school years playing in representative sides for the NSW South East region with the round ball. But when he was 19 he saw the light and reversed that culturally terroristic pursuit  to Australian rules, and played his first year for Eden, winning the League’s B and F for under 17 years, and the following year for Orbost in the mid field.

 After completing secondary schooling he moved to Melbourne and played in the VFL for Box Hill. He studied a Sport Development TAFE Course, then Personal Training, qualifying in both, and has built a career in those fields which he continues in Queensland.

In 2008 when good friend Tom Bartholomew suggested playing footy for Foster Tigers, Shaun left Box Hill and was struck once again by the difference between city and country footy. “The VFL was a team, but Foster is a club, and definitely the best I have ever experienced” he says. “People are so welcoming, they really look after you, and the players have become my good mates. “  The jury is out on that one and we’ll give him one year and see if Broady can match the obvious attractions of Foster!

 In 2009 he was persuaded to play with the Northern Bullants (Carlton Reserves) but left half way through the season to rejoin Foster .

In 2010 Shaun won the Alberton League’s B&F, the Peter Moore Medal, and not content with one, followed up with another last year. Concurrent wins in the club’s B&F add lustre to the umpires’ opinion. Shaun was the league’s premier on-baller who led by example each week. He usually gets very heavily tagged which is testament to his endurance and fitness that he can keep going week in week out.

 Shaun is very fitness conscious and an illness in 2010 left him physically shattered and plagued him for some time. His career is all the more impressive when the full story of that illness is understood. He had lost more than half his normal fitness and was terribly short of breath. Glandular fever can do that to you. But for him it was not just about his difficulties, it was about not being able to produce what he saw the team needed on the field. But it was a good enough during the home and away season to win the League’s 2010 top award.

They certainly hold Shaun in high regard down Foster way. “There’s one in every football team, you know how it is. All the mothers and grandmothers in the grandstand want to take him home. What the younger female supporters think we won’t investigate here, but his popularity is universal around the club because he is a very good player and a good bloke. At Foster there are many James Hirds, but today we pay tribute to Shaun Everington”. (The Alberton Follower: 2010)

Ed: We trust the author was not using rhyming slang!

 Shaun has enjoyed representative success also. In 2010, his seminal year, he played with Chris Urie in the Victorian Country Football District League side in the Australian Landmark Country Football carnival in the ACT. Coached by Ron Thomas, who rates both Chris and Evo - highly. We believe both Shaun and Chris may have bruised Griff Underwood in one of those games. Incidentally, the President of the VCFL is one Nic Rolfe – any relation Ex El Presedente?

 Off the deck Shaun belies his Foster Mums and Grandmums image, through residence at Chez Nelson along with Ben’s Belle Rosie, and Charlie the wonder dog. Beware Ben and company, after some meticulous research we can reveal the Jacka Street Chronicles and The ‘Points System’

What is this ‘points system’ you may ask?  It involved four male residents of Jacka Street, North Balwyn, and their romantic conquests. Initially devised back in 2007, by champion point getter Shaun, as a means to decide which house member would get to keep the leftover bond money after another housemate left the residence, without asking for his bond money back. Over the course of four months, Shaun and his two other housemates went out up to six times a week in the search of conquests and ‘points’. Shaun won the ‘points system’ that season, by nearly double the amount of his nearest rival, a fearsome effort given his firey red hair and pastey white skin.  Is there bond money at Chez Ben? Is someone shifting out?

Shaun ‘Evo’ Everington or should that be Shaun 'Jacka' Everington

Born 1987
178 cm 85 Kgs
45 games for Foster 2008 - 11
Personal Trainer

  • Number: 1
  • Born: 1987
  • Weight: 85
  • Height: 178
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2012 recruit
  • # of career games:
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