Kieran Emery

Not enough space for James Cecil Xavier.

For those old enough to remember, Dick was born youngest in 1991 into a Leeds United household. Whilst a United jumper remains a treasured possession, Kieran now appreciates that Aussie Rules out beautifies the so called World Game. A bust of Kieran is on show at the AFL Hall of Fame as an early NSW convert from Soccer to real footy. Clearly the man has courage and discernment.

Known as Knuckles, but now Kizza, to his mates, Kieran Dick developed into one of those buggers who was deft at more than one sport and excelled at Cricket, Basketball and Aussie Rules. He has represented NSW in all three. And would give netball a go if he could play around with Catherine Cox.

A late bloomer, he played his first serious game at 16 with the Glebe in Sydney. Then to North Shore where with each centimetre increase, he started to dominate the backlines of opposition clubs. Knocked up a BOG in a TAC game in Melbourne. Predominantly playing at Centre Half Forward, Kizza impressed the scouts from the West and was apprenticed to the Eagles. His sister’s team, the bloods – good judge that Miss Emery – pulled him into their fold and he hasn’t looked back. Still, he maintains his best ever performance is getting through high school.

Geoff Bower promised him fine weather and daylight saving and here he is. Finally left the Bower household and is esconced in a flat on his own but still puts a towel in the window to signal Scotty to stay away.

Great bloke to have around the place. Claims he has no special skills anymore than others but we reckon the lad is professional in approach and we were right. Put in a great season and at stages showed brilliance to take the game by the "scruff". Memorable game when he kicked 4 in one quarter to demonstrate power forward play. Putting in all the hard work for 2012 and we expect a big'un in 2012.

Funnily enough fancies a dog over a cat but will always have a go, and Kizza fancies a sleeve down his left arm, and while crocheting with one hand likes to read Ben Cousin musings with the other.

At 1960mm and 95 kegs, and still growing, Kieran is a key position player, who can play forward or back. He can take a strong overhead mark, uses his body strength well and applies plenty of forward pressure through strong tackling. And to boot, a ranga who uses Banana Boat - go figure.

Requested the following: Single, 19, enjoy spending time with opposite sex. Funny, caring and just looking for love. If you're the same, don't be afraid to give me a call. He looks forward to hearing from you unless you're a Glibido: all talk and no action.

  • Number: 13
  • Born: 1991
  • Weight: 95
  • Height: 196
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 18
  • # of career games:
  • Sponsor: Brendan Howard