Jordan Eastwell

Jordan appears to have been playing for 2 clubs over the past 4 years. Busselton and East Perth. We assume players can move in much the same way AFL players are allocated to WAFL clubs in the event they are not selected for higher duties.

In 2008 Playing for East Perth Colts Jordan won the Jack Clarke Medal for the WAFL Colts competition by a handy 9 votes and made the WAFL Colts Team of the Year. He followed up in 2010 in winning the Ressies  Prendergast Medal for the B&F. Incidentally, in 2 games in the seniors in 2009 he polled 5 Sandover Medal votes – go figure. In 2010 he knocked up 12 games in the seniors and came in second in their rookie count. The tough mid fielder – from the Busselton bush along with Brent Snook and Jake Reynolds – received 20 free kicks in a competition where the average/player for the season was 1.7 Clearly the adjudicators’ friend although he also racked up 11 frees against contrasted with a season average/player of 0.9  Whatever, Jordan likes to be in and under from those stats and we need someone to repace Rozza. In 2011 he played 9 games in the ones (alongside his brother).

In between times he was a standout in his Busselton side who described him as “…elusive, hard, in and under midfielder, with a short body and big tank and makes good use of the nut off his feet.”  And won the B&F in 2011. One of Busselton’s past players and one of our 2012 recruits – Jake Reynolds - lists Jordan as his idol, while others have compared him to Sam Mitchell. And he may have become a realty idol according to good judges who claim it is his size that have kept him out of the draft. Hmmm, have we heard that before at Broady?  Struth, if he is up to Tink in no small way then we have picked up a beauty in Jordan. And he has made a good start by being elected to the leadership group in his first year here - congratulations.

A green keeper, who fancies his good looks as his most treasured possession, speaks drunken slur at the best of times, and has labelled Foxy as the biggest pest at the club. Doesn't read. Easty was attracted to us for the lifestyle and to get away from mates who pidgeon-holed him as a hobbit. He Is proudest of an under 12s game when he picked up 60 touches - bet his Mum was keeping the stats.

Ultimate ambition is to become stinking rich to keep him in pizzas. Looking for love and any 6 or aboves can get him on 0400 178 059. What's with this numbering system? A WA speciality?

  • Number: 6
  • Born: 1990
  • Weight: 80
  • Height: 170
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2012 recruit
  • # of career games:
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