Dave 'Fatso' Dover

Dave must have been one of those who played, served and swept the rooms:  He one of only 31 Life Members.

Playing wise he won three Runners-up, one in each of the under 19s, Magoos and Seniors. And to set of the cabinet was Best  Clubman in 198 which sort of belies his 8 weeks of suspension which is fewer than he deserved!

Dave's personal best performance on his own judgment was BOG in the Magoos 1983 Grand Final. Must check and see how many rated themselves as BOG in that final?

Fatso's real personality is demonstrated by his best all time memory being the expression of Hall of Famer Harry Halkerston's face in hospital after the first senior premiership. Harry died not long after tha win.

Dave was also in it up to his neck when the 40th anniversay rolled around and thanks are due to his efforts on that occasion.

  • Number: 20
  • Born:
  • Weight:
  • Height: Bloody tall
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games: seniors 100+; Magoos 150+; Colts: 50+; OBs 20+; Jnr 10+
  • Years Played.1971 - 1994
  • Position.I've been everywhere man
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