Darcy Dienjes

Darcy played as a Broady junior from U/12s to U/18s from 2004 - 2011., during which time he played in 5 grannies, ran 2nd in a B&F  and but unfortunately brought home the bacon only once. Just goes to serve how much a flag should be treasured.

He showed enormous promise on a wing and knocked up 3 games in the Magoos in 2010 in what a lot of good judges thought was prelude to a stellar career in senior footy. Darcy (and Ryan) decided that footy was greener in the pastures of Ashmore Road in 2012. He played 25 senior and 28 Ressie games for Surfers 2012 - 2014 and finished 2nd and 4th in B&Fs over that journey .

A chippy by day and long board surfer by early morning, unless he is working in BriVegas, Darcy made his debut for Broady seniors in Round 1, 2016.

He is a straight ahead footballer with silky talents, able to play inside or utilise his good foot and hand skills to finish off team efforts.  Sometimes surprises himself in preparation for a haircut.
Darcy wants everyone to know that Ryan is his brother even if the similarities are missed by all.  Passes time writing a thesis on the definition of a 'James Hird' in Oz rhyming slang.

  • Number: 17
  • Born: 1993
  • Weight: 80
  • Height: 181
  • Senior games played prior to this season: senior recruit 2015
  • # of career games: 3 magoos games in 2010
  • Years Played.2004 - 11; 2016
  • Position.Who cares
  • Sponsor: Cunningham Constructions