Jesse Derrick

Ordered up to elite level by Palm Beach people in the know. Artistic plasterer or plastered artist who could be the Michaelangelo or Zac de la Rocha of the AFLQ. Grandfather wore the Cats colours at Broadie - Jess is so loyal he'd play for the Taliban if they wore Cats colours.  Can play tall or mobile and is brilliant at smothering off the feet of opposition players with inspirational desperation. Picks up kicks at will around the ground and appears indefatiguable after a night out. Rising star nominee 2008. Third in club B&F 2008. Polled 17 votes to be fourth in B&F in 2009. Shaun Hart comments "Would bleed for the jumper". JD will not let on his best footy game but likes to recall  a day out on the green when he took 6 for 3 including a hat trick in the under 15s. We have seen him bowl in tandem with Stalk - one of his favoured dinner guests - and they are still awesome. Likes to talk with the living dead? Jim Morrison.

Queensland representative in 2010 and a brilliant second second in club B&F - like good wine this bloke, gets better and better. Became our fourth centurian in 2011. Cannot understand why the Blues did not pick him up, our good fortune, their bad luck.

Is back on the brushes but at this stage has not appeared on the track for 2012. As Facebook would have it, involved in "lasting" relationship which is the only 'thing' he would like to take with him when he takes up residence in the forest. Speaks in tongues, or is it Tourette's, on some Sunday mornings or when a snake is within sight. 

  • Number: 10
  • Born: 1988
  • Weight: 85
  • Height: 190
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 84
  • # of career games:
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