Luke Dempsey-Ceh

Late to AFL after trying his hand at most sports, Dempsey-Ceh has obvious raw talent and is constantly improving on his skills. It's not easy going to TSS and liking a footy code other than ra-ra rugger.

Came to Broady as apart of the 18s in 2010 - but was noticed straight away slotting straight in the 18s Stingrays side.

Strong overhead, keeps his feet and can compete well for his size once the ball hits the deck. Has now knocked up 53 games in the Magoos and threatens to do a Brereton by finishing his carrer as a senior player. Enjoyed 10 games in 2014, and showed promise, with an ankle injury the only thing hindering his development. Holds down a key back or forward position.  Decided to see the world before the planet expires but put in some great performances at the back end of the season 2015 as a ruckman. Proved very difficult to move off the ball and 2016 may well him hold down a spot supporting Brayde.

Has moved on from the man bun and looking more hippy.

A Phys Ed teacher whose idea of heaven is a stormy day stuck in a classroom teaching kids "i before e except after c" which is of course not correct. Good teachers add "or when sounded like 'a' as in neighbour and weigh".



Name:  Luke Dempsey-Ceh                     

Nickname: D-C

Guernsey No: 17

Date of birth: 29/7/92

Relationship status: Got one

Position: CHF

AFL team followed? Suns

Favourite AFL player ? Tom Hawkins

Have you played for any other clubs? Nope

Who is your player sponsor for 2014 season? LDC Inc

Who is the biggest pest at the club? Strongy

Who is the funniest at the footy club? Keegan ( Hammer)

Do you have any pre game superstitions? Don't wear loose undies

What’s the best part about playing at Broadbeach Cats? The playing group

Who would you have kick the winning goal in a Grand Final? Andy Siekai

If you could take ant 3 famous people for dinner at Marios, who would they be?

Favourite pre game food? Pasta

Where would you like to go on a footy trip?Anywhere

Ambitions in life? Teacher

  • Number: 57
  • Born: 1993
  • Weight: 87
  • Height: 192
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 17
  • # of career games: 17
  • Position.Tall utility
  • Sponsor: