Jordan Davies

Beah's little brother but we wouldn't say that publicly as he is somewhat bigger than the older version.

Having spent 2010 at Southport (10 games), Jordan has come in from the dark side. We're guessing they picked on us as the between Southport and Burleigh clubs - our good fortune.
Jordan is not one to trumpet his achievements. A silent type who smiles with an assassin's grin and enjoys his work. We're not saying anymore in case he becomes professional. But somewhere back then, in amongst too many great performances, he kicked 4 in a GF, was BOG and won that season's B&F

A philospher who is scared off regret, he treasures his family while looking for something he loves and can make money from yet never work a day. Let us all know when you find it Jordan.

Both the Davies blokes are in great shape and have attacked pre season with gusto. Watch for one and see the other.

Favourite food: Spag Calabrese.

Note well Fieldsy: Would love No. 8 this season and he is a Blues supporter

  • Number: 59
  • Born: 1993
  • Weight: 90
  • Height: 190
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 2012 recruit
  • # of career games:
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