Joel Daffy

Hard man to track down is Joel. The cheesy grin is most Chesire Cat like. We can track Joel to Drysdale, Forrest Lions, Leopold and TAC Geelong Falcons footy clubs. Fair to say he spent much of his tender years on the Bellarine.

A quiet bloke whose physical appearance belies his football demeanour. Hard, wiry inside player, and extremely reliable on the paddock, really good at the contested nut and able to break and deliver to our advantage by foot or hand. Of his 13 games in his first year at Broady was named in the best in 7 of which 6 were the business end of the season being Rounds 14 - 18 plus the elimination final. Joel polled in the Twos as he established his bona fides and ran 9th in the Seniors B&F and 6th in the Cats Claw with 35 tackles. He was third in club multigrade polling.

A baby face (image from days when he played for and gave himself Falcons) , Joel now hides behind the hirsuite appearance, which sits atop a pair of tatts on the upper feet that must have hurt like.., well like a death of a thousand cuts. He likes circles and his girlfriend, and his cooking which he pretends is edible.

As and when he proves his fitness, we are looking forward to Joel fitting into what is becoming a side to be reckoned with.

  • Number: 18
  • Born: 1993
  • Weight: 75 wringing wet
  • Height: 182
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 13
  • # of career games: 16
  • Years Played.2015 -
  • Position.Midfielder
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