Martin Curtis

Recruited from Geelong VFL farm club Newtown Eagles where he won the 2010 senior B&F and BOG in the grannie. A handy pick-up we hope and will review his profile after a couple of games. Appears to be serial pest material, strong at the ball, bends his back to get down to the ground although it's not that far,and runs in straight lines.  Maybe here for the surf.

A qualified chippy and year 12 graduate, Curto was one of those blokes that the teachers said would never make it, but he did, and will probably make it at Broady also. Teachers are good at that, a class mate of ours was Claude Warbrick, the founder of Ripcurl, who was incessantly told his absences at school in favour of surfing at Torquay would lead to nothing, zilch, nada. Curto's one black mark so far is he loves to practise with Joel Morrow and is planning on a Perth holiday to meet up with their man, Ben Cousins. And searching for a hot, hot, hot, Mrs Curtis.

Curto made it. One of a few to play the full 18 games and racked up 64 votes to finish 4th in the B&F. Has scaled down his work committments and increased his surfing hours plus is in the 'fast' group for time trials in 2012. When he finds the right little lady he may well become a permanent member of the GC.So tough he uses a gargoyle as a mouth wash.

  • Number: 22
  • Born: 1987
  • Weight: 78
  • Height: 178
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 18
  • # of career games:
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