Michael Cooke

Competition medallist in Under 16s. Bigger than when he departed for the west in 2007, must have been that bush tucker. Cookey is a stylish player who exudes skills a la Micky OLoughlin only kicks better. Showed up well in practice matches in 2009 and finally forced his way in to the seniors. Played 10 games, most down back but there was a keeness to have him up front in 2010 to take advantage of a good set of hands, good use of space and smart on both sides. Reads the nut well in windy conditions. Polled 9 votes in B&F to finish equal ninth and awarded Most Improved for 2009 season. Started 2010 in full flight and picked up a bag of 5 against the Lions and winning himself the Rising Star nomination for that round.  Won state selection in under 21 side and completed the season with 18 games and 30 goals to run third behind Fults and Tinka.

Best performance so far was the 5 goal bag on a winning side at the Gabba on Brisbane's Collier. Hates the 3 man weave, likes the half court footy, and Jenna Jackson, and in a boil over nominates Tim Searl as the biggest pest at BBFC.

Maybe jsut short of  "amazing" in 2011, well on the way to reaching his ambition of becoming famous but will have to drop support for the Carringbush. Looking to notch 50 plus in 2012 and will certainly run them out if his time trials are any indication.

This bloke has serious talent and bad taste in lycra.  Will require an operation to remove bike shorts at career end.

  • Number: 11
  • Born: 1989
  • Weight: 89
  • Height: 187
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 45
  • # of career games:
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