Mick Burns

Who plays in the centre these days?

Known as the 'Mouth', Mick is the most decorated player in Broadbeach history having won 5 B&Fs and 2 goalkicking awards. (Tink is closing fast) That was one B&F each year he played!  Who was giving the votes we ask?  

In the true mold of a Broady person, Mick nominates beating Southport for the first time at Paradise Point under his coaching. His abiding memory recalls his finest performance as that particular game playing on Zane Taylor. These days the  Zane Taylor Medal is awarded to the Queensland BOG in interstate games. Might just as well have been the Mick Burns Medal. Incidentally 2 Broady players have picked up that medal in the last few years: Wade Dickson (2008) and Dayne Zorko (2011)

  • Number: 8
  • Born:
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 100
  • # of career games:
  • Years Played.1976 - 1980
  • Position.Centre
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