Andrew Boston

Difficult to sort the sheep from the goat information. Andrew or Bozzo which is pretty close to Bozo, has been all over the shop since he decided at age 8 or 9 to be a career footballer. Which is not bad for a Queenslander of Queensland origins. Talent, which bypassed father Neil - a WC supporter - with some nous for the game except his AFL allegiance, apparently comes from his paternal grand father.

Started at Southport 'cos his Dad, Coach-in-a-Box Bosto was coaching there thinking if he was going to be on the Coast then Southport was it. Wrong. Played about 100 - more than a few games in the under 12s as a 9 y year old - before crossing over from the dark side to Broady in the under 14s and has put in about 150 at the MerrimaCattery.

Has won a few club B&Fs; 2 x competition B&Fs being back-to-backs in the under 16s; and 2 x competition runner-ups in 14s and 15s; and B&F for the under 15s carnival. Because of his talent Bozzo has been in and out of the under age and open age teams since under 16s. He has polled in the club under 18s since 2009 and in 2011 came in 7th having played less than half a dozed games. Also picked up votes in the Magoos since 2009 and last year attracted the eye of the judges in the Seniors.  Already you get the message! Has tasted success a number of times having played in a number of premiership sides.
He has also had leadership roles everywhere except the army: VC under 12 State side; Captain Stingrays under 15s and 16s and South Coast team; and Captain of Helensvale School side to win the Lions Cup - Premiers for schoolboy sides in Qld - in 2011. Played in under 18 sides 2011 and will again in 2012.

Having achieved his school boy ambition he has left school to concentrate on a footy career, and father Bosto would appreciate all contributions to his benevolent fund. Think of it as an investment as he will have the capacity to repay with interest at some stage through a pre nup type agreement with Bozzo that slices off 45% of all future earnings via football.

Andrew has put in a number of games in the Magoos during his time as a 16 year old and broke into the Ones last season alongside Tom Davidson both as 17 year olds. In underage footy invariably he went where he wanted to and the game plan was based around him and a few others, but has displayed the discipline to to follow game plans in Open age footy. Played as a goal sneak forward in 2011 and in the last round of the season had 5 to quarter time. Can take the high ball and mix it up on the deck. A football brain is an asset as is his courage, decptive pace and confidence. Can relay the sherrin with accuracy and could kick a goal wearing his father's Mardi Gras mask from anywhere inside the 50, and soon will be able to with either pin.

Andrew is having testosterone problems with his moustache and what's more his partner, the lovely Sheyane, can do nothing about it. Clearly they do not osculate often. For a boring bloke, Bozzo enjoys footy, footy, footy, golf and a little more footy.
Bozza spent most of the season earning All-Australian Under 18. The only Queenslander to do so. He them aided and abetted the ones in the chase for a finals berth to lift his senior games total to a career 14.

He had time at the Draft Combine and was awarded a perfect score in the goal kicking test. We suspect he may line up in AFL side colours in 2013. And that would be just reward for him and Neil, his dad.

Good luck Bozzo

  • Number: 39
  • Born: 1994
  • Weight: 180
  • Height: 74
  • Senior games played prior to this season: 14
  • # of career games:
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