Percy Baker

First ever player to sign on and current club Patron. Story goes that Percy was in town and getting petrol at a Caltex service station and heard on the radio that Broadbeach was establishing a footy club of the Really Beautiful variety. So happened that the petrol station owner was Jim Stubbs who had run the ad. Percy signed up and departed Sth Melb Districts.

Percy won a B&F and won the goal kicking on 4 occassions. He claims to have potted 13 in one game. It was actually 12  6! And he also reckons he dobbed a goal from full back with a DROP KICK. Good story teller as well.

Never suspended, Percy reckons his best all time memory at Broady is the 41 years of the club's existence. A Mad Tiger supporter

If you need a plumber with vast GC experience have a word with Percy - loves drainage problems.

  • Number: 11
  • Born: Can't remember
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Senior games played prior to this season:
  • # of career games: Seniors 110, Resies around 90+
  • Years Played.1971 - 1984
  • Position.Full Back/Full Foward
  • Sponsor: