Dale Perkins

lee perkins medalHard man to track down Perko. Has been on the committee for at least 6 years to our knowledge but probably more. If there is something to be done, he does it -The can-do person. Build rooms, plumb the showers, plumb the bar, work behind the jump, install the goal posts, clean up the grounds, paint walls, roof rooms, lay carpet, man the BBQ, timekeep, interchange steward, mow the ground, trainer, - you name it. And then came 2014 and he stepped up when no-one else would and accepted the presidency. We doubt there is any football club in Oz with a volunteer to match Perko. He is a great family man with wife Heather (a Tiger), daughter Lisa (Collingwood) and son Mark (Collingwood).

Unfortunately Dale, Heather and family  suffered the ultimate in tragedy and sorrow when they lost son Lee some years back. The Perkins family and the Broadbeach Footy club honoured Lee in a decade of annual games and the award of the Lee Perkins Memorial Medal.

Perko played with the club way back when, sometime in the early 80s. Club statistics from those days are a little hazy, but we would suggest he pulled the boots on for Broady around the 100 mark in both the Magoos and Ones. Probably a Plugger type at one end and a Wes Lofts at the other, you wouldn't want to tangle with Perko on or off the deck. Hint: If you do try it, come at him from his left given he copped an eyeful from a pistol in his early days at the Broadbeach Pub and cannot see bright light from that one. Makes it easier for him to be an absolute one-eyed Collingwood supporter with a man crush on Eddie Everywhere.

A fire sprinkler installer by trade, Perko has travelled up and down the east coast of Queensland plying his thing and returning to base in his beloved Holden Utes to his hobbies of football and power boat racing/skiing, with the latter on the back burner for a few years now. Well known for piling plates with food, Heather and Dale often shower hospitality on  friends and club newcomers - he even has Bulldog around - but refrains from the alcohol with his poison of choice being Coke Zero. If not at home, head to the club, he is bound to be there!

  • Position: President
  • Category: Seniors
  • Phone: 0414879568
  • Email: president@broadbeachcats.com.au