Dave Moran

Dave is one of those blokes footy clubs can't do without. An ex President, indeed an ex-everything until health struck him a cruel blow which left him with wheelchair mobility.  Not one to let a small thing like that stop him, he proceeded to haul himself up staircases on the seat of his pants and drag his chair behind him. Had a doodad made for his vehicle and attended all the games, being the first to make it to player huddles regardless of ground condition. Next came a change of volunteer input as the BBQ chef. Up early to kick start Aldi's staff, Dave picked up supplies for his home ground BBQ that became the envy of visiting team supporters. Egg 'n bacon rolls, yum, hamburgers, yum. Could make a sausage sandwich look and taste good with or without onions. A disastrous couple of years for his beloved Peptides was interrupted by his successful nomination as QAFL Volunteer of the Year and a couple of Broadbeach Clubman awards.

Dave has relinquished the short order chef game for the arduous roles of Senior Team and Cinammon Hut Marketing Managers. Yep, he prowls the boundary during games - watch out for your toes - organises all that is required so that players and coaches alike have less to worry about during training and game day preparations, and backs up in the dining room ensuring all are sated.

His handicap appears to be brother Paul, who if at all possible, is an even more dedicated follower of the Peptides. Still, that makes him easy meat in the club tipping comp. Dave is looking forward to Anna Bligh making a comeback.

  • Position: Board Member
  • Category: Seniors
  • Phone: 0406578214
  • Email: broadbeachdave@hotmail.com