Scott Abercrombie

Another walk-in for 2015. Our luck runneth over.

Scott is a genuine cockroach with no family history in aussie rules who grew up playing real footy. His beloved mother, for fear of facial injury and denistry bills - have you seen Scott's mug yet? - barred him from rugby codes. So he happily set about playing a game most prone to facial injury! Started off with a mob called Baulkan Hills. A successful junior career was rewarded with 2 years on the swannies list in '89-'90. Then followed 20 years with the boots on in senior footy in NSW ending up with current NEAFL side Hills Eagles. His playing and coaching was interspersed with significant involvement in Swans Academy and the Talented Players program. Coaching career commenced with a flag for the East Coast eagles in 2002.

Went north to Port Macquarie ostensibly to stand for Oakeshott's seat but settled for captain-coach, and bought home the bickies in the form of a flag in 2013.
Only pulled off the boots in 2014. Look to the Magoos bench around July when the ski season and/or injuries hit our playing list.

An odd job man, sometime odd person and frustrated politician, Scott returned to Uni as a mature aged student and has been a primary school teacher for the last 10 years. Scott, a bit of advice: Be very respectful to Mr. Taylor Haley.

  • Position: Assistant Coach
  • Category: Seniors
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