Recognise any of these blokes? It was 1979. Click here for a read


Been bad blood between these two since way back when: Sat 8 Aug Seniors 2pm, Magoos 11.30am Sir Bruce Small Park
Last time we met Round 6 2015: Broadbeach 8 10  58 def by  Surfers 11 7  73
Goals: T. Haley 3, B. Erickson 2, B. Tomlinson , N. Scott , J. Pantic
Best: S. Killey , B. Chadwick , B. Erickson , A. McConnochie , M. Dillon , L. Frawley
Magoos: Broadbeach 16  10  106 def Surfers 11  0  66


Handwritten diary account of Broady's inaugural season (1971) by the late Jim Stubbs.


Colts in a replay of a couple of weeks back when we came from behind to win. Likely Grand Final rehearsal
Frankhauser Sat 8 Aug 9.30am but keep an eye out for change of venue and time


Lachie Weller wins the award for the most glamorous candid  pic in sport. Ever. Click here and here for more.  Thks Al
His brother has a maverick opinion?


Grand Motors Toyota offers all AFL Club members an exceptional Service for your car, all makes and models are welcome at our two convenient locations. We house state of the art facilities and expert technicians to ensure confidence and peace of mind, as well as working to help you achieve stronger resale value. Click here for full details

What The?

Trial at the Gabba this weekend between SUNs and Zorkos. Tink will love it?

Footscray tried to trade him for Bob Walters in 1978 but Ray Johnson and Stan Rose wouldn't top up the coffers

Fremantle Interchange Lachie Weller was substituted into the game for Alex Pearce 1' 28" into the last stanza. 4 Kicks, 4 Handballs, 3 marks and 2 tackles. Proportionately that's a 32 possession, 8 tackle game.

Not many will know Stu Dalgliesh. Stuey lives and works a good whack away from the Broady precinct but gets to as many games as possible and throws in his 2 bob. No rellies playing for us, just a Catter. Also participates in the Tipping Comp. Good to see him yesterday proudly attired in club colours.

Apologies for late display of the Magoos career games and goals since 2009 and up to and including the Western Magpies. Hitherto the club had not maintained any database for the Reserves list and the data mainatined by the QAFL is accessible (by this little minion) only as far back as 2009. Click here for your own edification.

BOG award post game and nominated best backman in the QAFL by BA who explained the roundabout Nathan has been on this season in terms of positions. We would do well to remember that Quickie was the full back for the Queensland Under 21 Rep side in 2010

Great to see Pedro in the Colts game day box. His calls and perceptive advice to youngsters is gold. And the 2 hour game contribution as against the 32 hour senior coaching committment is gratefully acceptable

No Grange. Settled for a Jacob's Creek Reserve Shiraz.

Had a crew at the ground today watching their very first game of Aussie Rules - C'mon Clay!. That's a plus. Then a soccer ball appeared at the feet of his girlfriend and a superbly attired junior soccer player. That's enough Moschey, things will become out-of-hand if the round nut makes another entrance - we don't condone cultural terrorism at the Cattery.

Quite the locally famous name around these parts and good too see Phil (and regular Richard) at the ground today, Phil with 3 kids in tow. Phil was BOG in the '96 Premiership side and apparently left the country the next day and has only recently returned.

Jaran Pantic has learned that carbon inserts can assist in physical recouperation. Thank you Nelson Pollard

Proved in the first stanza against the Gorillas that he still has the extraordinary skill to move within 3 dimensions in stages when in the air, and consequently takes extraordinary marks.

Have to win the remainder of their games (4) to better 2014 victories by 1. So much for big name expensive post-mature players v developing a playing group?

Tickets now available. See and pay Bryan Wilkinson

Round 19: Things are hotting up - into August!!!!!

FRIDAY August 7 - SUNDAY August 9

City of Churchs v Punt Rd
Vic Park v Princes Park
Western Oval v Port Adelaide
Gabba v Metricon
Subby v Glenferrie
Kardinia Park v Lake Oval
East Melb Car Park v Arden St
Spotless v Windy Hill
Junction Oval v Freo Port

The winners will be Crows, Woods, Dogs, SUNs, Beagles, Bloods, Shinboners, GIANTS, Freo

Click here for Round 18 results. 

2015 QAFL and Colts Games

Current Seniors Ladder

Current Reserves Ladder

Current Colts Ladder

ROUND 14  BBFC v Gorillas
Saturday 1 August

Seniors Squad: McConnochie,  Haley, Hulls, Dillion,  Quick, Dienjes, Rolfe,  Frawley, Daffy,  Tomlinson, Palmer, Upton,  Royes, Pantic R,  Searl, Pollard, Fahey, Hancock, Sully, Scott, O'Shea
INs: Hancock, Sully, Fahey, Scott, O'Shea  OUTs: Pantic J, Klessens, Stevenson, Chadwick. Killey  DEBUTs: Jack O'Shea, Matt Sully
Broadbeach  11  9  75 def by Wilston Grange 13  11  89  Good game and the side gave supporters value. Unlikely to make finals now but plenty to play for including a couple of milestone games
Goals: T. Haley 4, B. Hancock 2, S. Fahey , J. Royes , N. Pollard , J. Daffy , M. Dillon
Best: B. Hancock , L. Frawley , N. Quick , T. Haley , M. Dillon , J. Daffy
* Melee report likely to cost us $500 and Ben Hancock on a charge

Jack O'Shea: Real clubman. Racked up 25 games for 29 goals in the Colts over 2004 -'15 and has pleased coaches and supporters alike with courage, pace and nous. Has also made valuable contributions in the Ressies that have clearly impressed the selectors. Did a few nice things Jack did, and was not overawed.
Matt Sully:
2015 Southport draftee. Former South Warnambool player had a breakout season for Geelong's VFL team, being named in the back pocket of the VFL team of the year in 2012. Has developed into a key position player who has spent time at centre-half back with 16 VFL games in 2014. His body-on-body strength is a feature of his game and he is rarely beaten in a one-on-one contest.  Played in familiar colours and given one training session with the group made a more than valuable contribution to the team effort

PS Great to see Blake Erikson get his first game at S'port today, and have a win. He gives his all when wearing the Cats strip

Magoos Squad:  Moscher-Thomas, McGarity, Leary,  Cole,   E Burton,  Brewer, T Malone, Sproule,  Kerr, Stollery,  Kennedy, Strong, Turner, McDaid, Dempsey-Che, D Chadwick. McCormick, Edwards, Mullins, Mitchell, Dinnen, Lancaster, Hopkins
INs: Hopkins, Lancaster, Dineen, Edwards, Mullins OUTs: Dula, O'Shea,, McCormick, Wilson,  Tiffin, McDaid
Broadbeach 5  9  39  def by Wilston Grange 10  14  74  Ugly game. The boys came out to play in the final stanza
Goals: T. McDaid 2, J. Strong , T. Brewer , I. Dineen
Best: M. Hopkins , J. Strong , K. Sheers , D. Sproule , R. Edwards , C. Moscher-Thomas

Colts Squad (v S'port): Tiffin, Chadwick D, Shrimpton, Glover, Malone, Nagy, Chadwick, Dula, Duncan, Wilson, Barr, O'Donnell, Wallace, Sheers,  Fraser, Reynolds-Erler, Shaw, Bibby, King,  Edwards, Nelson Mitchell, Stagg,  Essam, Ewart, McCormick
Broadbeach 22 16 148  def S'port Magpies 3  3  21  Coasting?
Goals: J. Esam 10, J. Tiffin 2, D. King 2, J. Mitchell 2, J. McCormick , A. Ewart , T. Malone , C. Glover , K. Reynolds-Erler , L. Nelson
Best: J. Esam , J. Mitchell , T. Malone , D. King , L. Nelson , K. Shaw

Click here for For Season archive of Teams and Results

Seniors and Reserves Fixture 2015
Click here for full season games.

We were supplied the SUNs and Southport fixtures also???? Click here

Colts Fixture 2015
Click here for REVISED (3 April) and final - so say QAFL -  2015 Colts draw

Form Guide

Date Meet Result *Prizemoney
Per Share
       28 Feb                   Albion Park                    6th             0
14 Mar Albion Park 9th 0 0
21 Mar Albion Park 6th 0 0
27 Mar Albion Park 9th 0 0
4 April Albion Park 3rd 610 6.10
11 April Albion Park 5th 0 0
18 April Albion Park 4th 345 3.45
25 April Albion Park 6th 0 0
28 April Redcliffe 1st 4040.10 40.40
2 May Redcliffe 2nd 1368 13.68
16 May Albion park 8th

*Nett after commisions and driver fees

No luck at all since the Drive has been back on the track. Back to Redcliffe?

Click here to view our ownership of Capitol Drive. Please note Septic x Kiwi pedigree, like crossing Uncle Sam with a Fruit Loop


From Near and Far

The Shadow's mate. Click here

All the talk on Fletcher and his 400th had us thinking. This article from the Bulletin in 1994 or 95 says it all about the big gamers at Broady.
The mentioned Percy Baker on 230 games is still the Club Patron. Click here

I think and breathe Football, therefore I am"  Who am I? Click here for the pdf version

The Accurate One and her Coach? Click here

A Richmond Thug. Click here

A Tassie Tiger Blue. Click here

A Bit About BA. Click here

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