Click here for details. Fun 'n games for all. There are 42 Quintillion possibilities, but you've only got to learn 6 algorithms to solve the cube.


The course is accredited by the AFL and attendees will be awarded certificates valid for 3 years.  For full information click here


For edition 3 plus archives click on the CATS TV Tab


We have the DVD of the Seniors Grand Final; Seniors Team Photo; Seniors Premiership Medallion, Finals Edition of the Cats Whisper and Bulletin Images for 1996 season. Please get out the storage boxes and have a look.


Yes, it's a Sports Club. We can see only 4 of the screens with 2 sports, one for Kings and the other for China. New atmosphere with a touch of the old frisson. Why not become a new patron? Check the BB Sports Club tab below.


Click here for booking form. Help fight cervical cancer.


Barry Hall: Only player in history to kick 100 goals at three different AFL Clubs – St Kilda, Sydney & Western Bulldogs
Alastair Lynch: Three time premiership player with Brisbane Lions. Worst Boxer in AFL History :) Saw it with my own eyes and felt the breeze from level 2 at the G.


1996 Season: Week 5 April 21st. Broady at home to Robina who were admitted to the comp in '96. Stephen Harrison comes up with a Hoganesque 7 goals in a big win while the Magoos had a 30 goal+ win, and the Colts were too good for Burleigh.

What The?

Ryan's 2016 is over. He was having a shmick season and will be sorely missed. MRI showed a bloody ACL (suspected by our physio but apparentally rejected upon initial medical examination at the hospital. Hmmmmmm.)
Apart from the obvious, Pants was headed for his ton if he'd managed to play out the season, but is now stuck on 87 games - unlucky in Australian cricket circles. Also misses his longed for opportunity to represent Queensland having been selected in the squad.  Whilst we all disappointed for you Pants, the best shoulder for some well-placed sympathy would be the current Colts coach/Seniors Runner, Shane Madeley. Mayo was known as 'The Knee' after he did his just prior to the 1996 Grand Final.
Jaran will join him on the sidelines at game breaks as he deals with badly bruised ribs. A condition that limits many activities including acquatics, but fortunately not CATs TV productions. Jazz is already working on episode 4 featuring ladiez around the club to coincide with June 11 Fight Like a Girl day.
The thoughts of Broadie supporters are with you blokes.

Those Palmy supporters on the outer were no match for one of our Mums on Saturday. Not only did she control the langauge when it was definitively feral, she also forbade any targetting of number 12. Unfortunately a Mum can only do so much and she was unable to curb the verbal attacks on Roysey. Next time we will have two on duty.

It is with great excitement that we announce Bianca Dye – 92.5 Gold FM Radio Host as the MC for this year’s Ladies Day at the Broadbeach Football Club to be held on Saturday 11th June 12noon. 
Bianca has been a strong & cheeky voice in Australian media for 20 years! She began in radio as the host of the national show The Nitemix on Gold FM on the Gold Coast in 1998 for which she won Best Radio Personality (Regional) in Australia. From there it was on to morning presenter on NOVA 96.9 and she is still the only female radio presenter in Oz to win Best Radio Personality in a capital city market two years in a row. During her time at Nova, Bianca's wit and style endeared her to the many celebrities she interviewed for her show - Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Michael Buble, Jusin Timberlake, Robbie Williams, Pink, Silverchair and Kylie Minogue to name a few.
You've probably also seen Bianca on television, as the anchor for her own show "Access All Areas" on Foxtel's Arena and regular opinion pieces on A Current Affair, 20 to 1, Thank God You're Here, Beauty and the Beast and as the music and entertainment reporter on Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Bianca is also a regular guest for her cheeky charm & honest opinions on shows like Studio 10 - The Today Show - The Project & The Morning Show - After a successful stint of a # 1 breakfast show at i98fm in NSW Bianca is excited to now be back home on the Gold Coast to host her very own Drive Show at 92.5 Gold Fm.
Bianca has also to co-written a book called "Playing hard to get" and is in the process of writing her second book on living with anxiety.
So come on Ladies with less than three weeks to go book your seats now in what is going to be a very enjoyable afternoon in raising awareness and funds for cervical cancer.
Click here for a booking form or RSVP to broadbeachladiesday@hotmail.com

Click here for Game and Goal stats for the colts up to and including round 6 (with a bye).  Coach Shane has had a playing list of 35 (including U/17s) with only 8 who have played all 5 games. Makes it difficult when confronted with so many changes per week. 
Good to note the elevation to the Senior side of Dylan Lancaster and more recently Jack O'Shea. This development is an important role of the Colts.

Gerard Healy "Zorko is in All-Australian form"   Yes!

Great to see a rash of past players in the clubhouse after the game v Palmy. And it included a couple of blokes playing for the other side. Jesse Derrick (2006 - 11) played 102 games with Broady and early on this year completed a ton for PBC. Jess has made an honest girl of Amanda who has been forced to watch him play over the journey. Jacko Emblem (2006 - 11) knocked up 47 with Broady and had stints with the  NT in that time as well.
Also in attendance were recent retiree Liam Frawley (2009 - 15, 79 games) who is off to Europe shortly, Macca still at Southport but who has 75 apprearances for the Cats, and James Holland currently in leadership group at Southport.  Daryn Stewart (2007 - 2014, 115 games) now playing in Melb under his first coach at Broady in Dennis Knight. Stewie is still flying high and came complete with his classic  Brownlow Medal - Red Carpet mate, and informed us that Matt Fife, ex skipper (2009 - 14, 101 games) is the captain/coach of East Malvern in the Southern League.
Chronologically next came Korey Fulton currently turning out for the old boys. Korey (1999 - 2011, 197 games and second highest goal kicker in QAFL history) was lamenting the lack of use of Fulton's Flank in the windy conditions.
Then there were the BA iron filings most of whom we don't recognise but Cotts was there claiming he and not BA coached the '96 side. And of course Al Lawson and  'Shane Mayo' Madeley were on duty.
Previous era blokes of the older but agile variety such as Ash Wollerman and Phil Heer were setting the pace in the tortoise and hare race.
Plus a parent up from Melbourne. Mitchy Backman's dad was an interested spectator behind the timekeeper's palatial canvas and was heard to mention that "#4 is an angry young man?".

Click here for Game and Goal Stats for the senior side after 6 rounds. Thirty six players have lined up in the Ones, 5 of whom qualify for the Colts, 12 have played the full quota of 6 games to this point, 5 of whom are 2016 recruits..
Part of our performance to date can be explained in the goal kicking department where Harry Kerr has 20 (at least one in every game), with nearest being Searly and Ryan Dienjes (who has played mostly down back) on 6.
Searly and Pants R closing in on their 100 games, while the Hawk and Big Brayde are knocking on the door of their 50s.

Click here for Game and Goals Stats for the Magoos after 6 rounds. Lobba has to contend with what might be termed 'shifting sands'. A massive 48 players to date with only two who have lined up in all 6 games and one of them is departing our shores imminently. 
The other - Luke O'Rourke - is providing our attack focus with 16 goals. Little support except for Pants J and Connor Nutting with 7. 

Click here for the BWFC stats. The ladiez are building a tradition. Twenty eight on the list with all but 5 having had a run. Ten have played all 4 games thus far. And the goal machine Rhea Lotter has 11 from 3 while Amelia Cooke has scored in every game.

With the completion of the Coach and Steward Boxes, the Ord Minnett Oval is one feature short of being the BEST regional footy ground on the planet. And doubtless, a new scoreboard will bedeck the ground within a season and it WILL BE THE BEST regional footy ground on the planet.
While a lot of people have had inputs to facility development over the years, commencing with those who first pulled on a nail bag to put up the clubhouse, we cannot but suggest that Dale Perkins and Geoff Bower have been the zealots behind the realisation of the 2015 Change Rooms and re-design of former change rooms; the footy oval at Merrimac High School; and the new Boxes. This is not to diminish the contributions made by others, but between the two of them, they have conceptualised, organised the considerable funds, project managed and literally bent their backs during construction and finishing off stages of works. (Perko will never stop)
While the club records the names of those promminent in its history on Honour Boards (which will soon be on display in the renovated clubrooms), it may be time to commit to posterity, the names of these two rare blokes. We've observed aroused emotions on suggestions like this before. Get positive. And it doesn't have to be grandiose. What about the Perkins - Bower Veranda from which one can observe said facilities? A name board over the doorway to the veranda, especially on IOC game gatherings, is little enough for bigtime humungous contributions.

2016 QAFL, QWAFL and Colts Games

Current Seniors Ladder

Current QWAFA Ladder

Current Reserves Ladder

Current Colts Ladder

RESULTS: See QAFL results link above masthead for all results. Click on link, then click RESULTS for Seniors, Reserves, QWAFA or Colts

2016 Fixtures
Click here for QAFL Fixture and here for Broadbeach games.

Click here for QWAFA Fixture

Click here for Colts Fixture

Labrador v Broadbeach at Cooke-Murphy Oval. Seniors, Ressies and Colts at 2pm, 11.30am and 9.30am respectively
BWFC v Zillmere at Zillmere 2pm. Pack a cut lunch girls.

Seniors, Magoos and Colts  v Palmy  2pm, 11.30am and 9.30am respectively at Ord Minnett Oval, Wilston Grange

2pm Seniors
Senior Squad:
King, Fitzsimmons, Quick (c), Scott, Dienjes D,  Dienjes R, Chadwick Hawk, Lancaster, Nibbs,  Royes, Upton, Neal, Kerr,  Palmer, Pantic R, Backman, Dillion, Searl, Rolfe, Pantic R, and Finn
INs: O'Shea, Spencer Daffy OUTs: Killey (inj), Upton (inj) Nibbs (inj)
Matty Spencer becomes a 10 year player. (First turned out in 2006 - 08, 2014 -). Jack O'Shea to play his second senior game, his first for this season, and Joel Daffy comes back for his first in 2016 after one run in the Twos.
Broadbeach  7  17  59 def by PBC  18  8  116
Goals: J. Strong, R. Dienjes, R. Finn,  Kerr, M. Dillon, M. Fitzsimmons, J. Searl
Best: Late Advice: Josh Searle,Ryan Dienges, Dylan Lancaster, James Royes, Micah Fitzsimmons, Nathan Quick
We were Palmy's detritus on the day. 'Nuff said. Very little to write home about. Jesse Derrick and his team mates just too good, although some accuracy on our part in front of the vertical erections may have made it look a little better.
Micah scored his first goal. Scotty's new look frightened us - he looked like a mini bald Fevalenko.
We had our own Ryan's War early on when probably our hardest one at the contest, Ryan Pantic went down in obvious difficulty. Appears to be a knee and one of those crucial ligaments. Joined his brother in hospital.
Real pity given he was looking at 100 games if he played the season out.

11.30am Magoos
   Benson,  O'Rourke,  Mitchell,  McDaid, Cole, Fisher Chris,  Fisher Brad, Moschie - Thomas,  Pantic J, Price, Chadwick Dylan,  Mullins, Malone,  Kennedy (c), McCaulay, Simpson, O'Donnell, Turner, Tiffin
INs: McCaulay, Simpson, O'Donnell, Turner, Tiffin OUTs: Spencer (seniors), O'Shea (seniors), Daffy (seniors), Nutting (Suns), Ward
Broadbeach 3  5   23 def by PBC  12  9  81
Goals: J. Pantic, C. Mullins, B. O''Donnell
Best: S. Price, C. Mullins, I. Dineen, J. Tiffin, A. Allen-Sympson, T. Benson
Outgunned and worn down. Tim Benson's last home game before he heads off to Europe to be sick. Pricey heading up the best again.
Jaran Pantic courageously committed to a high ball and was very heavily hit in the air and his collision with the ground didn't help matters. Taken to hospital for precautionary examination. Likely to wear bruised and/or cracked ribs for a while which can be somewhat more painful than broken ribs. No coughing or laughing for a while Jazz..

Broady v Palmy 4.45pm
Bristow, Bright, Bijkerk, Cooke, Collins, Daniels, Davis,  Harper, Ffewkes, Gross,  Harris, Filmore, Marsh, Lotter, McClelland, Mirfield, Scott, Klyn, Turner
INS: Bristow, Ffewkes, Harris
We don't have OUTS in womens footy.
Broadbeach 0  1  1  def by Yeronga South 17  10  112
Best: H. Mirfield, D. Davis, K. McClelland, R. Ffewkes, K. Mulherin, K. Harris
The girls had a great game last night holding a quality side to only 4 goals in the first three quarters.
They played for each other and no one could question their effort or committment.
Big thanks to Lillian's mum for making sure all the girls' hair was sorted before the game. No one likes ahair pull - witness Bruce Doull.

COLTS 9.30am Broady v Palmy
Squad:  Glover,  Bensley,  Littlechild, Dickinson, McCormick (c) , Thompson, Henderson,  O'Reilly,  Madeley, Carthew-Zimmer, Prewett,  Gambell M,   Nelson,  Rayner, Rolfe,  Wilson, Melverton
INS: Melverton OUTS: Robson, Koumis, Pisa, Gambell A, Kerr, Toll, Reynolds
Struggling for numbers. The equation is Melverton = 2(R+K)+P+G+T
Broadbeach  7  9  51  def PBC 7  6  48
Goals: J. Dickinson, C. Rolfe, M. Gambell, O. Dineen, J. Melverton, J. Thompson, A. Rayner
Best: C. Rolfe, M. Gambell, J. McCormick, O. Dineen, B. Henderson, M. Hohns
Neck and neck all day. Not a recommended way to run down the clock, but hey......
Great play in the third stanza when Zimmer took a screamer off a standing jump, fed it off to skipper Jacob McCormick who ran with the nut and delivered lace out to a fast leading Chandler Rolfe. Rolfey settled back to kick a 50m goal.
At that point we thought we will win this game.

 Click here for For Season archive of Teams and Results

Memberships, Menu, Events and Specials

We are pleased to advise that our 2016 Broadbeach Sports Club Memberships are now open.
Members simply need to complete the 2016 Membership Application form  (to download, click here) and drop it off at the Bar to be processed.
Once checked, approved and processed we will keep a record of the members for each Club and the new 2016 Membership card will be available for collection at the Bar
Your cards will alow you to take advantage of member prices on drinks and meals.

The Broadbeach Sports Club is celebrating its new look club after renovations finished this week.
The impressive club offers a great new menu, expansive space that will treat sports fans to an unprecedented viewing experience. Featuring new TV`s everywhere you look and the soon to be opened QTAB in the form of UBET.
Entertainment and dancing are part of the party plan at the sports bar and bistro too. Live music, karaoke, happy hour, lots of sportsman’s lunches and dinners also a great place to celebrate your birthday, work function or Christmas party.
“We are very excited about this new look concept to the club “says new General Manager Craig Devonport.
“We’ve created a venue that appeals to a diverse crowd including family’s, Sports fans, music enthusiasts and food lovers. We offer an upscale atmosphere with very moderate menu (see below) and bar prices. The new menu has a range of temping new dishes in addition we have daily meal specials”
Broadbeach Sports Club will also be having a fun-filled happy hour that will run Monday to Friday from 6pm – 7pm with various drink specials available.
“We will also be hosting many sports related and community based events.

When it comes to the live sporting action The Broadbeach Sports Club has it covered”



From Near and Far

Fults, 637 and the past
Noticed the Bully hopped on Fults re his Robina comeback. Reminded us of the day he went in front of Ray Hughson to become second on the all time QAFL goal kicking ladder.
Click here for a bit of nostalgia. The year was 2009.

Personalities of the future
Post Humaist Footy Click here

1996 Personalities
2016 celebrates the twentieth anniversary of footy's holy grail - a ThreePeat in one day! In 1996, our farewell season to the Gold Coast Australian Football League, our Seniors, Ressies and Colts won flags on the hallowed turf of the Cattery. The photo in the slider above is the senior squad of the day. Click here for an expanded view with names attached. Crank up the zoom.
We have also developed a self explanatory summary of the 1996 season in four parts. In them you will find familiar and legendary names associated with the club. A good read will get your knowledge of this rare achievement up to speed for the reunion. Click here for Part I, here for Part II, here for Part III, and here for Part IV. You may need to zoom to read the newspaper clippings.
Part I references a 1996 Grand Final Day Cats Whisper. Click here for selected pages of that document with August and Sept lead-in scores, goals and best players for all three grades.
If you have any memorabilla, particularly of the Ressies and Colts, let's know and we can add to our archives. Any discrepancies between documents, archives and memories may be attributed to the Bully, alcohol or tired eyes of today's or yesteryears' generation.

Having read all that you might be interested in the document about our entry into the QAFL in 1997. This was published on the web site mid season 2015. Click here

The Cult of Personality. Click here

Craigie.D. Click here

The Bloke who ran 320 half marathons, half the time going backwards: Murray Williams. Click here

100 more: Taylor Haley. Click here

100 UP: Nathan Quick. Click here

The Shadow's mate. Click here

All the talk on Fletcher and his 400th had us thinking. This article from the Bulletin in 1994 or 95 says it all about the big gamers at Broady.
The mentioned Percy Baker on 230 games is still the Club Patron. Click here

I think and breathe Football, therefore I am"  Who am I? Click here for the pdf version

The Accurate One and her Coach? Click here

A Richmond Thug. Click here

A Tassie Tiger Blue. Click here

A Bit About BA. Click here

Supporter of the Moment. Click here

The Peoples' Channel

 CATS TV by  jucheyproductions (with graphics by Adriana Lambert), a Jaran Pantic, inspired, directed, filmed and produced series of insights into players, their training activities, love lives, religious practices, eating habits, politics and hair products.

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Archive Episodes
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