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At the Cattery: Seniors 2pm; Reserves 11.30am (Colts bye)


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What The?

The significance of sport for Australian soldiers, from the WWI through to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, cannot be underestimated. Whether interred in a prisoner of war camp, at a staging ground waiting for deployment or on the battlefield itself, Australian soldiers have used sporting competition to raise morale, distract themselves from the horrors of war and emphasise the bonds of mateship. 

During the Gallipoli campaign, the regular artillery barrage, lack of level ground and constant threat of snipers made playing a football match seem an impossibility, yet diggers still managed to bring Aussie Rules to the beaches of Gallipoli. T J Richards, who was a member of the 1st Battalion (from New South Wales) and a former rugby player for Australia, recalled one of his sporting experiences:
"One afternoon when I came over from Brown[s] Dip towards White's Gully I was surprised at seeing a football floating through the air. I set off down into the blind valley, and joined in with a number of Victorians who had brought the ball from Egypt with them."
Quoted in Journal of the Australian War Memorial, Issue 28

And in WWII, prisoners of war in Changi prisoner of war camp persuaded the Japanese to let them stage a six-team football competition, which ran for nine months. Using rubber trees as goal posts and capturing wild pigs to provide bladders for the boot-leather footballs, the competition culminated when Victoria beat the rest by 25 points in January 1943. Peter Chitty, who captained the Victorian side, was awarded the only Changi Brownlow Medal and it is said that he valued it far more than the British Empire Medal he received for carrying an ailing prisoner 100 kilometres along the deadly route of the Thai-Burma railway.

S'port have a bye. Might see Kieren, Ben & Co. again?

Interesting match-up this week with BA visiting China. Doc Andrews v 1 billion.
How does one say Good Luck in Mandarin to those with the numbers advantage?

Anyone else have one of those delicious tidbits offered by the temporary chef from the Sorbonne, Paris?

Today,  in the footsteps of Saint Nick, Tink became the second Broadbeach player to captain an AFL side


Round 3

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It will unfold, and if you were there we want you and any photos, articles, 'n stories. Unpack the boxes and send stuff to us.

2015 QAFL and Colts Games

Current Seniors Ladder

Current Reserves Ladder

Current Colts Ladder

ROUND 2  At the Cattery: Home Ground Opener for 2015 (Click here for selected squads)
Seniors v Mt Gravatt 2pm  Showed a heap more at the ball today. Good win although we let a 5 goal lead in the final stanza whittle to the one point.
While the WAGs wagged, our in and unders got the pill, our big blokes dominated and the backs held firm including a specific job well done by Hoppy.
Forgot: And we manhandled the opposition.
PS Quickie kicked 4 big ones, not three as reported on the QAFL website. Who are the accurate ones?
Broadbeach 10  7 67 def Mt Gravatt  9  12  66
Goals: Quick 4, 1 each to Brennan, Chadwick, Pantic J, Rolfe T and Skrinis
Best:  M. Hopkins , L. Frawley , D. Skrinis , J. Royes , B. Tomlinson , R. Dienjes

Magoos v Mt Gravatt 11.30am
Broadbeach 6  8  44 def by Mt Gravatt 9  12  66
M. Brewer 3, G. O''Shea 2, J. Strong

Best:  J. Klessens , M. Kavic , S. Killey , M. Kennedy , D. Sproule , I. Dineen, Strong

Colts v Mt Gravatt 9.30am
Broadbeach 8  6  54 def by Mt Gravatt 10  6  66

D. Lancaster 3, D. Gallagher 2, A. Ewart , Corey. Mullins, J. O''Shea
B. Wallace , D. Gallagher , J. Bibby , D. Lancaster , L. Varley , Corey Mullins 

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Seniors and Reserves Fixture 2015
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Colts Fixture 2015
Click here for REVISED (3 April) and final - so say QAFL -  2015 Colts draw

Form Guide

Date Meet Result Prizemoney
Per Share
       28 Feb                   Albion Park                    6th                     50              .50     
14 Mar Albion Park 9th 50 .50
21 Mar Albion Park 6th 50 .50
27 Mar Albion Park 9th 50 .50
4 April Albion Park 3rd 750 7.50
11 April Albion Park 5th 50 .50
18 April Albion Park 4th 50 .50

Stable mate Used Tickets got up for 2nd. Two pairs (sixes and nines), looking for a straight!

Click here to view our ownership of Capitol Drive. Please note Septic x Kiwi pedigree, like crossing Uncle Sam with a Fruit Loop

We have now taken over ownership of the horse and he is running this Saturday night at Albion Park Race 9 number 5. Click  here for the link to the field.
Trent Moffatt, who rode him to his last win three weeks ago, is back on board so let’s hope he can bring home the bacon for us.
The trainer's take on the race is as follows:
He was a bit tardy away last week but has had another event free week in training and his work has been good. With a clean getaway he should race well. But off the 10m handicap, each way is the way to go.
For those who like the multiples:
 5 6 9
5 6 9 10
5 6 8 9 10
5 6 8 9 110
Giddy Up


From Near and Far

The Accurate One and her Coach? Joy and Raymond Johnson
Guess what? Ray Johnson was born in Footscray wearing red, white and blue hosiery. That's Ray in the white t-shirt adulating his hero Charlie Sutton

Ray was born in 1931 at a hospital record of 13 pounds, which earned him the moniker of ‘Pud’. (Might have been ‘Keg’ if they’d measure in metric those days (5.9kgs).  Should have been ‘Keg’ anyway since one of his early self-employed activities was flogging his sly grog kegs underneath a bridge in Footscray.)

Despite, and perhaps because of, his parents’ attempts at drowning Pud in the Maribyrnong River, he grew up as a keen swimmer and diver, and represented Victoria in Water Polo. On one occasion he swam against a young Rolf Harris at the National Swimming Championships.  (Yes, he, that is Rolf, was into aquatics by then.) And while spectating, the now infamous entertainer sketched Ray in full flight (image attached. Wonder what he sketched when the girls were playing?) In light of more recent revelations the sketch is now imprisonned at the Johnson residence.

Ray also played water polo against the Hungarian team prior to the ‘56 Melbourne Olympics, where in a prelude to the Hungary v Russia  ‘blood bath’ fixture, his strong sledging game caused a blue and he was lucky to get the crown jewels out of the pool alive. Take a peek under the water line in water polo and you’ll understand. (Take a peek at the back row, far right in the sombre looking water polo team photo)

As a youngster Pud was the drum major in the Hyde Street School band that played at half time during Doggies games, which gave birth to his claim that he was ‘the only man to play 300 games on the wing at Footscray and never get a kick.’ Later he was to play for the Foostscray Under 19’s plus a handful of Reserves games (while his older brother cracked the big league and played a couple of games in the seniors). Ray became good mates with the likes of Charlie Sutton and EJ Whitten whom he considered the greatest footballer he had seen until he committed sacrilege last year by saying Gazza Jnr may just be better. Later, Ray worked in the property room with the Bulldogs and then moved onto Parkside Football Club and coached some junior teams and acted as Seniors Team Manager for a number of years.

He was also a keen cricketer, notching several tons in the Footscray District League and also taking a hat-trick in one game bowling slow, non-turning hand grenades. Evidently batsmen expected spin and were deceived by the lack of it. He brought himself onto bowl the next week and was promptly dispatched for 26 in his first over.
Ray was part of a sporting family with one brother playing VFL and VFA football, another being a champion athlete and running coach as well as a scratch golfer, and his cousin is 5 time British Open winner Peter Thompson. After years of nagging he was finally allowed to join his famous cousin and brother Ben on the golf course, however after spending most of the game searching for Ray’s errant shots in the woods and water hazards, he was banned from ever stepping foot on a course with them again.

Ray served in a number of jobs in his younger years including working for his father in construction and the above mentioned sly grog outlet, however he eventually he settled into swimming coaching.
He took his talents to Horsham to run the pool complex and squad there. In the early 1960’s he and his stop watch travelled to Japan to do some more coaching prior to Tokyo Olympics ’64 before moving onto Morwell in the Gippsland region of Victoria to run his own complex in the late 1960’s. It was there that Pud met Joy Hunt, the Accurate One. Joy was a good deal younger than Ray (a gentleman never tells) and had become one of the best swimmers in the region. On the back of Ray’s coaching and multiple State Championships specializing in butterfly and the individual medley (this was in the days of Shane Gould), she was awarded the Gippsland Sport Star which a few years later was won by a certain Gary Ablett Snr during his time playing footy at Drouin.

Ray and Joy became well known figures in the community with Ray writing a weekly newspaper column and both participating in a 30 minute weekly TV show on swimming. They became infamous after suggesting the Valley’s open cut mine should be filled with water and transformed into an aquatic Disneyland. That said, they joined forces to run the pool complex, teaching youngsters how to swim including well known Broadbeach personality Neil ‘Spider’ Christie.

“Morwell was a terrific Club and became very powerful when the first heated pool in Gippsland – Poolside – opened under the management of Raymond Johnson.“ (‘History of Traralgon Swimming Club’, Brian Ford)

After all these years former state champions and recreational swimmers alike still come up to them in the streets and say ‘you taught me how to swim when I was a kid.’
Clearly, Raymond being a sly old Doggie, was ‘training’ Joy for things other than swimming. In 1972 they married in Morwell and honeymooned on the Gold Coast which they continued to visit each year. After years of 15 hour days at the pool, in 1979 they decided to sell their complex and move to the Coast where they set up a successful pool cleaning business. In 1985 Travis came along and in 1993 they became a part of the Broadbeach football club when Travis began with the under 8’s.

Over the years, Pud’s training of Joy kicked in as she maintained impeccable statistics of Travis’ footy career.  Joy acted as a junior Team Manager, senior and reserves interchange steward and assisted in the canteen for both the junior and senior club, not to mention developing into The Accurate One - a statistician extraordinaire for senior and magoos games.
Ray has served the club as reserves timekeeper, barbecutionist, AGM question poser, and on the board of the social club, as well as putting a fair amount of the pocket money Joy gives him, over the bar. (Joy took control of Ray’s pocket money after he managed to ‘lose’ the money he was going to use to pay for her wedding ring.)
While Joy prepares her boards for game day, Raymond enjoys having a beer of a Friday night while reminiscing about the good old days with his  Footscray mate Stan Rose, watching Joy fill out their Tipsters card, and fielding questions about how badly his beloved Doggies are playing. Both Joy and Ray were presented Football Club Life Membership in 2014.

Forget Jo, the World’s Best Club Treasurer is: Big Al, Richmond Thug
When he’s not in the Urban Groove, one way or the other, Al is most likely found in the club bar or rooms contemplating his financial navel. While we are not yet out of our debt & deficit cycle, we can thank Al & Co. for stopping the leaks, establishing a safe and secure home ground, wiping the carbon off the BBQ, and restructuring the revenue and budget such that our trajectory as illustrated in the QAFL IGR suggests a properous position in the near term.  But we are ahead of ourselves.
Al spent his childhood growing vertically in Bloods territory opposite the Lake Oval and GP track in Melbourne.  He received his early grounding in treasuring at Middle Park Primary school and thuggery at South Melbourne Tech years 7 - 10.  

Commenced his junior footy career at South Melbourne Districts under12's as a finishing school for thuggery and finished at under 16's.  He graduated in tertiary thuggery at the Lake Oval learning and watching the VFL Army Reserve Cup every Sunday afternoon. Besides bullying the Sth Districts auskickers during break time kick-to-kick, Al became embroiled in one of football’s dastardly moments. In 1985 the Collingwood forward, John Bourke, exploded in a fit of rage, kicking a South player, tripping the umpire, and then jumping the fence to take on a spectator! (“The boy’s gone mad- they’ve got to take him off” was a line from commentator Ray ‘Slug’ Jordan that has become etched in the memory of many). That spectator was our Big Al who gave Bourke the Bird and then ran like hell all the way to Beaumauris, where he continued playing footy in the VAFA at the first of his Sharks’ clubs.
PS The upshot of Mr. Bourke’s moment of madness was the VFL/AFL’s longest suspension ever, of ten years and eight games!
Must have done reasonably well in the Beaumauris under 18's in 1985 as he was selected for Vic Metro boys team that year and also played in a reserve grade premiership beating undefeated Noble Park. In 1986 Al made the move to Tigerland and played in the U/19s, winning the club goal kicking and picking up 3rd in the B&F. We believe he was known as the Tiger’s Warwick Capper. Some skullduggery led to him back to the VAFA and Hampton Rovers in 1987 – couldn’t have been for money – when he slippered 5 wearing the Big White V of the VAFA in a winning side against the Croweaters at the ’88 VAFA national carnival.
As a player of breeding and loyalty, Al went back to the Beaumaris Sharks for a few years, where he met the best player he has ever seen, his wife Sara, before moving to the Goldie and playing for the ‘dark side’ Sharks in 1994 & 1995 under Mark Browning. In ’96 despite the protestations of dyed-in-the-wool Cats supporters he was lured to the Cattery by Jason Cotter. Al played alongside skipper Doc Andrews in the 1996 senior premiership (we won the triple that year: Ones, Magoos and Colts) and was awarded player of the final series (as voted by Harness Racing Stewards ). In a rare display of club love, Al played the 1997 & 1998 seasons in a Cats jumper but showed his real form when he returned to Melbourne in ’99 to play for Spotswood in the FDL as assistant coach and vice captain. He had a break from footy until he landed at Labrador in ’03 as assistant coach at Labrador and pulled the boots back on half way through the year and played seniors (big mistake, got hammered). Became involved with Broadbeach Old Boys in ’05 and finished up in ’08 with an intervening flag in 2006. The Bromance continued as a non-player in an assistant coach role with the seniors under Dennis Knight in 2007 and helped out on the board in 2008. Coached the U/19s in 2010 – ’11 and assisted Matt Angus with the seniors in 2012. Zilch success at the coaching caper prompted him to take up administration as Treasurer 2013 – forever.
Somewhere along the way, Sara and Al had two beautiful kids, Duke & Sunny (named after footballing opponents he met at the tribunal), and adopted ‘Indi’ the dog (Sara’s work, Al wanted ‘Tiger’). Been in and out of the Telecommunications industry for 18 years with the motto “Why use one word when you can use ten.” Currently runs his own business Call Central Communications.
Biggest regrets: leaving Richmond and not taking footy seriously, never really knowing out how good he could have been; advising umpires; becoming mates with Tribunal stewards; and becoming associated with Collingwood – “no one linked to Collingwood has ever been chosen” (Guru Bob)
Goal: Can't wait to see the boys lift that cup and finally bury the blokes

Tim the Tassie Tiger Blue
Well born and bred in Tassie (it seems that is a criterion for BBFC coaches) until he adopted the Blues or shifted to Qld, take your pick.
Tim arrived in the tropics at age 13 and developed his Tassie talent as a footballer/gorilla at Wilston Grange until he realised  his stomach was bigger than his eyes and he required regular bromide intake. So our Tim joined the army to become a chef. (This is a popular theme among our ranks with Dozer and Robbie Mathews both ex-chefs who live by the maxim: never eat more than you can lift) We think all are still eating leftovers from an original unknown meal prepared in the mid eighties.This career move entailed a shift to Townsville where he pulled on the boots for the Army team in a league that was the second to be established in Qld outside SE Queensland. We think that’s Tim in the Collingwood strip behind Sgt. Rene Kink, or could it be he is the officer in the foreground who clearly enjoys laying into the team with his swagger stick?

Pioneer footy was Tim’s purpose in life, so when he was posted to North Head Sydney he saddled up for the Manly Warringah wolves which was the only AFL club on the north shore. Crowds took the ferry from Circular Quay. And they arrived in droves in 1985 to see our lad play a starring role in the premiership win over Uni NSW.  He claims that set the genesis for their 2014 premiership



Somewhere, somehow he met Kris, a north shore rugby lass whom he eventually married after proposing at a footy club luncheon. Admittedly Kris doesn’t look that all that interested – Tim wasn’t up to the deed at close range - but he promised her a great dessert. He got around to that in 2009? when he booked Hamilton Island for their anniversary – it was promptly cancelled due to cyclonic weather.



The couple made the move to the GC in 1989 where Tim ignited a passion for coaching that remains today.  He started at the Burleigh Bomber U/17s when he and Kris found time in between entrée and the main to increase their number by one in ‘90. Thank goodness for that, SOS Josh is already a legend at Broady! Another more beautiful creation, Rachel, arrived in ’94

Tim’s misguided attachment to the Blues was the background to their collie being named Jezza. It is to Jezza we owe a debt of gratitude - very difficult to write that - given that it was his frustration with Josh tackling him that was responsible for Josh registering at Broady Auskick. Jezza, you beauty!

He transferred his coaching efforts to Broady where he very nearly pulled off the threepeat with the U/16s in 1999 – 2001. Unfortunately we dipped out to Labrador in extra time in ’01. Today’s supporters may be able to recall Mark Harris, Sam Walters, Adam Hall, Sam Edwards and Regan Sheehan (who has returned to the club as part of the senior coaching panel in 2015) as club stalwarts who learned their trade under Tim. (He may also have been the coach who benched Mark Harris after he kicked his 26th?? Ask Peter Harris)

Tim has “worked” for AFL Queensland for over 10 years and has been involved in the GC Stingrays program for 13. His vast footy knowledge and inspiring addresses saw him take the magoos to the finals in 2014 with an 11 and 7 ratio, and coincidentally, pick up last place in the 2014 tipping competition.  But like all great chefs, the best is yet to come.


A Bit About BA
Brett "Doc"(?) Andrews (pictured left with Cooly Cup), our Assistant Coach, doesn’t quite appear in Queensland’s richest 100 yet, but Group 1 Building is heading that way. So much so that Brett can now devote more time to ensuring Pedro is on the ball.
BA emerged as a football talent at one of Victoria’s hotbeds of junior development. St Peters Bentleigh has been a constant source of recruitment for the AFL, VFL, VFA and senior leagues in metropolitan Melbourne and country Victoria.  The Hammers, or Sandringham, then competing in the VFA saw enough in Brett to pick him up as a junior in 1987. We’re talking the halcyon days of the VFA with the likes of Terry Wheeler, Barry Round, Gary Brice and Phil Maylin  strutting their stuff. BA accrued 20 goals while clocking a total of 65 games across the seniors, reserves and juniors.  We’re guessing over 4 – 5 seasons which means he floated up this way maybe directly, or not, as he won't tell us.
Whatever, after a season at Morningside he landed at the Cattery in 1995, and according to the only archive we can find played 3 seasons. Extrapolating from the only statistic available (20 games in 1997), we estimate he knocked up about 60 games in all, and played in 3 consecutive final series.  Highly regarded, Brett was skipper in 1995 and appointed co-captain in ’96 – ’97 (under Jason Cotter – was he before his time?), during which time he led the club to successive third, premiers (triple premiership year), and fourth places.
Among his highlights was playing in the local bloodbath against the Demons in ’95; kicking a couple (Al Lawson got one) in a 16 goal first quarter against Robina, final round ‘96 to finish 15 and 3 to Labrador’s 16 and 2; kicked one sausage roll, as did Al Lawson, and named in the best, as was Al, in the premiership win 12 16 to Labrador’s 5  14 (thereby reversing the ladder finish order for ’96.); led the side with players such as Dean Howard in ’97 who picked up the B&F and subsequently was drafted by the Crows. In summary, provided by the Chairman of Selectors in the premiership year “…he is a natural born leader and had great potential as a coach…
BA had a break for a couple of years and despite the best efforts of some to keep him at the Cattery he took the Captain Coach role at Cooly 2000 – 02, taking the club to second in 2000, winning the B&F and representative selection in that year, then winning the ultimate in ’01, and finally another runner-up in '02.
We are fortunate to have the benefit of BA’s presence in his wiser years.

Supporter of the Moment: Brendan Howard

Meet Brendan Howard, Life Member, Lions supporter (wears #15 on his jumper), husband of Janina, and father to Lauren and Thomas, although Janina might argue that relationship during the footy season.
In between studying, travelling, teaching, enduring serious medical problems and an apprenticeship in Gold Coast thinking, Brendan has made the Broadbeach Cats his life’s odyssey. He is a keen blogger on the game (Footy Forum) and a sometime tipster of insight, particularly when the bookies are out and about.
Defying his physical condition, and the odds, he played Broady juniors 1987-1994 including an U13 flag in 1990. He did not report what position he played but we suspect he alternated as an outside half forward/back on the flank in the style of a Brad Hardie. Not content with on-field roles, Brendan added scoreboard attendant (home games) and water carrier (away games – never spilt a drop) to his CV for the period 1990-1995.
Sober habits mean he can recall both Cats premiership wins in 1987 and 1996. And according to his annual pre-Christmas best side selection (which he will not release for fear of offending Mitch Brewer), is ready to watch the next one in 2015!
Janina fondly remembers Sunday 2 May 2004 – the day after their wedding and scheduled honeymoon departure – when Brendan watched the Cats defeat a strong Lions reserves outfit while wearing his wedding outfit and footy tackle. Janina was amused at another event.
In adult life he continued to serve the Footy, Cricket (dabbled as a player for 10 years) and Licensed clubs as a Board member and Treasurer for several years, including founding wheelbarrow runs to collect $$$$ for raffle ticket sales. Generally sighted at work bees wielding a paint brush – under supervision – he has been seen as far away as Canberra cheering on the team (without Janina).
Has since been AFL trained as a timekeeper to ensure he gets home on time on training nights to BBQ the family evening meals. Want to know the INs and OUTs, ask Brendan.
On the social front he has been to at least 8 Annual Balls (with Janina) and 6 golf days (without Janina). IOC member 2014.
Brendan was deservedly elevated to Life Member status in 2012 despite participating in cultural terrorist activities related to Soccer and more recently S*******t .

Who would drive from Broady to Taree for 7 and a half hours, stop for 25 minutes and drive back for 8 hours?
Clue 1: Married to David Jones
Clue 2: Does everything but sleep at the club

Rumour file confirmation or otherwise (inspired by B Wilko)

James Christie is in Melb finishing his degree at Swimburne and playing in the VAFA with Elsternwick.  The Wickers use change rooms in which hangs a photo of his Dad - Neil (AKA Spider) - when he was coach at Elsternwick. At Spider's feet sits the club mascot at the time, one James Christie! FACT, from a rightfully proud father.

Geelong and Gippsland may soon be 1 less footballer. Broady is their destination. FACT, heard from the horse's cousin's mouth.

Fraser, Lappin and Davenport to don the blue and white hoops? UNKNOWN AT THIS STAGE, but apparently they're interesting in kicking the air conveyance around a park, any park, H&A park? Who knows? Maybe Contract Manager Smithy?  Ask him or hack the QAFL dbase for recent registrations? RECENTLY proved FALSE. Fieldsy and his checkbook have been busy is the word.

Rhino Dienjes has been training his arse off plus boxing and using isogenics to get below the 100 kegs. Watch out QAFL sides. FACT, ask Aaaron Rolfe

Essendon doubtful starter for AFL preseason competition with players facing doping charges provisionally suspended: FACT as reported on Twitter by ABC Grandstand and they're always on the ball?? Thing is, if they are subsequently found guilty, any suspension period will commence as of their last game (currently 2014)

Mitchy Brewer's knee: FACT  It bends, therefore is

Post Christmas Training has started. FACT, you can read it on the EVENTS CALENDAR

Hales and Sarah, or more correctly, Sarah and Hales, have given birth 5th Jan to Knox Theodore Haley. Confirmed 8th January FACT when hacking Dave Moran's phone. Congratulations and welcome to the youngest Auskicker at Broady.

Pedro is younger than Tim Searl father of porn star Josh. We contacted Ancestory.com and their experts, who after some difficulty,  were able to track the Searl and Peterd lines. Whilst Pedro would like us to think he is younger is in fact UNTRUE. Pedro is 103 and Tim has just attained his majority.

R-Pants is back. Cannot confirm at this stage. The 2013 B&F winner was treated shabbily by selectors at Port Melbourne and has returned home to Qld. Here's hoping brotherly love has an effect. Classy player and will influence games in clutch situations.

Santa Claus came Christmas Eve: FACT, my grand daughter says so!

2011 -14 captain Matt Fife and Darrin Stewart, both 100+ senior gamers have relocated to Melbourne clubs.
Fifey has signed with the same club as ex-Cat Mike Cooke. No job yet but if the scuttlebut is correct, the contract is sweetner. TRUE, confirmed over a Christmas beer with ex-Cat Bulldog Denne. Fifey has not left the coast yet so if you see him, wish him well.
Stewie will be lining up with Norwood (Ringwood area) coached by ex-Cat coach in Stewie's first season at Broady, Dennis Knight. Club has arranged employment as a sparkie and will pay through the nose for his on field presence: TRUE, as related by Howie AKA 11.59 AKA Statistics over a turkey dinner at the club.

Ray Johnson is the oldest ever life member awardee in the QAFL: Five minutes exhaustive research has failed to establish truth but at 85 or thereabouts he deserves the title. Joy on the other hand does not appreciate being married to the oldest ever Life Member!   Life members together for life?        

Mitch Brewer has departed Southport and heading home to Broady:  Mitchy IS back! Confirmed by Tony email from PNG late November 2014.

Gary Fox has also departed our friends at Magpieland: Foxy IS back! Confirmed by Pedro over a beer at the club early Dec 2014.

Rory Walton is living in Byron and has applied to become a Firery at Ballina with time off on weekends to play at the Cattery???:  Yet to be confirmed or otherwise.