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Congratulations JAZ!

Rookie draft pick to the Gold Coast


Where else would you want to play???


Four Broadbaech players drafted over four consecutive years! Go Cats!

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Broadbeach Footy Tipping 2014. The Tipster is back?

14/3/2014 - READ MORE


Ryan Pantic 2013 Best & Fairest Winner!

16/10/2013- READ MORE


'Twinny' claims Reserves Best & Fairest

16/10/2013- READ MORE



16/10/2013- READ MORE


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  Ryan Pantic 2013 Best & Fairest

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2014 Events & News

21.1.2014 Junior Sign On Day
The Junior Club are having their sign on day at the Cats ground on Sunday February the 9th 2014 from 10.00am until 2.00pm

Come down and check out the ground and the great facilities we have and sign on for season 2014.


2.06.13 Lets "Footify Australia"

21.04.13 A letter of thanks from TWC Under 12's

Fixture & Results

02.09.13 2013 Grand Final Program. Good luck to all our competing teams - Friday night & Saturday at Labrador.

20.08.13 2013 Girls Finals Fixture - Read More

Refer to the Teams Tab for the Round Summary and Coaches Reports

25.4.13 Round Two Summary & Coaches Reports - Read More

05.05.13 Round Three Summary & Coaches Reports - Read More

12.05.13 Round Four Summary & Coaches Reports - Read More

2013 Fixture

07.05.13 Youth Fixture (Updated as at 07 May)

21.4.13 Modified Fixture  (Updated as at 25 Apr)

Please note that the fixture is subject to change

Please click here to view the 2013 Broadbeach Cats Juniors fees.


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