Jarryd Klessens (left) and Garry Goodman, newly appointed joint coaches of the Broadbeach Cats senior women's team. See below - we will be very PC on this appointment.


AFL 9's: Separate MENS and  MIXED (minimum 3 girls) competition. Starting Monday 12th October
 6:00 pm to 9:00pm

 at Broadbeach AFC,
AFL 9's is a 9 week competition including week 1 orientation.

 Prizes up for grabs include a $200 bar voucher at the Broadbeach Social Club, $50 1two3 Dinning voucher and McDonalds VIP cards and vouchers plus more!!

  To register a team please click here  Queries or questions contact Emily Davis 
 or 0449769354


Cabbage Patchers, Sandgropers, Croweaters, Cockroaches, Burely Griffins, Top Enders, Apple Islanders and of course yer Banana Benders. All welcome in the all inclusive and national AFL family, especially at the Cattery.


Tim Searl (click here for more on QAFL Hub Manager Tim), has been appointed Broadbeach Football Manager for 2016.
When we know what that entails we'll let you know. For the moment, congratulations Tim.


Take a good look at this bloke. You'll see more of him than his wife will.
“ The Broadbeach Senior Football Club Board would like to announce that we have signed Brett Andrews as senior coach for the 2016 QAFL season. Since taking on the role this year during the season, Brett has done a wonderful job in turning the fortunes of the team around resulting in the seniors making the elimination final. Both Brett and the board are confident that with the playing group we have at the moment, along with some targeted recruiting and natural development, we can improve on our results over the past two years. The Board believes that Brett is the right person for the job. We wish to congratulate him on his appointment and look forward to the 2016 season.”
Good move Board.


1991 v 2015. How times have changed


Oval at Merrimac High: Well done to all involved in this development

What The?

Broadbeach Cats are proud to announce that they will be fielding a Women’s team in 2016. We have appointed coaches and are looking for a sponsor. Jarryd Klessens, a senior player at Broadbeach, will be joint coach with Garry Goodman. Garry is a great supported of AFL on the Gold Coast sponsoring the youth Girls competition and the Talent program from back in the Stingrays days, and is currently involved in GC Suns Academy.

Jarryd: "When the Broadbeach Cats came to me with the idea of putting in a women’s team, I was really excited, it’s a great club and bringing a women’s team in is only going to strengthen the culture at the club. I know we will be able to put decent side together to play in the QWAFA but hopefully we can recruit enough girls with experience to potentially play in the QWAFL, I think that a second team on the Gold Coast in the premier women’s comp can only grow the talent pool and at the end of the day that’s what really matters."

You need 15 minutes to listen to an analyst's view of aussie rules, footy science and the 10,000 hour theory. Lots of implications for coaching, or perhaps more accurately, training. Click here

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Goal posts up, nets up. New ground completed at Merrimac High School. Great facility for School, great facility for Junior club and great alternative for Senior intra club games Feb/March. Great initiative by club people. And the effect on southerners just driving by is eerie - one could forget where one is!

Please note Broadbeach stylised email contact addresses for Perko (President); Al Lawson (Treasurer); Tim Searl (Football Manager; and BA (Senior Coach) are now in use. Click on CONTACT and then the appropriate image.

Summaries of 2015 Colts players games and goals. Click here for games and here for goals

Summaries of all senior players games and goals 2015. Click here for games. Click here for goals.  If you were born last century, you may need to zoom in for clear vision

2015 QAFL and Colts Games

Current Seniors Ladder

Current Reserves Ladder

Current Colts Ladder

Seniors: ELIMINATION FINAL Battle of the Pussies, Cats v Panthers 2pm Sunday 6 September at Morningside


Seniors Squad: Chadwick,  Daffy,  Dienjes, Dillon, Frawley, Haley, Hancock, Palmer, Quick, Rolfe  Scott, Searl, McConnochie, Reeves, Killey, Tomlinson, Upton,  Stevenson, Pantic R, Dempsey-Che, Hopkins, Royes
McConnochie, Reeves OUTs: Stollery, Mullins
POSSIBLE OUT: Hancock  STOP PRESS: Benny is with us

Morningside 18  12  120 def Broadbeach 10  12  7  Thank you ball boys, thank you linesman and Boundary Force. We were in it at three quarter time, just not enough winners around the ground. Good ride the last 10 weeks but the Siders the superior side. BA quite circumspect post game.
T. Haley 6, J. Searl 2, R. Dienjes, T. Rolfe
T. Haley, R. Dienjes, L. Frawley, J. Daffy, B. Tomlinson, B. Chadwick

Colts Squad: Barr, Dula, Edwards, Esam, Ewart, Fahey, King, Lancaster, McCormick, Mitchell, Nagy, Nelson, O'Donnell, O'Shea, Reynolds, Reynolds-Erier, Shaw, Sheers, Shrimpton, Skuse, Stagg, Tiffin, Varley, Wallace, Wilson
Broadbeach 13  10  88 def Southport Sharks 9  5  59  How sweet it is to knock over the enemy for the flag. Amazing what can be done when playing with a full deck plus a couple of jokers. The Board would do well to move on signing a few players before a certain coast based side makes a move.
High standard game which apart from some nervy moments in the third stanza, Broady held sway as they say.

BOG as awarded by the officials went to Kurt Skruse for a dominating performance up front.
K. Skuse 4, J. O''Shea 3, J. Mitchell 2, J. McCormick, J. Tiffin, D. King, J. Esam
K. Skuse , B. O''Donnell, C. Shrimpton, J. Mitchell , J. Tiffin, L. Dula

SPARE A THOUGHT FOR: Corey Wilson who bagged 4 in the prelim and named in the Best but missed selection for the GF

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Form Guide

Date Meet Result *Prizemoney
Per Share
       28 Feb                   Albion Park                    6th             0
14 Mar Albion Park 9th 0 0
21 Mar Albion Park 6th 0 0
27 Mar Albion Park 9th 0 0
4 April Albion Park 3rd 610 6.10
11 April Albion Park 5th 0 0
18 April Albion Park 4th 345 3.45
25 April Albion Park 6th 0 0
28 April Redcliffe 1st 4040.10 40.40
2 May Redcliffe 2nd 1368 13.68
16 May Albion Park 8th
8 Aug Albion Park 3rd 675 6.75
15 Aug Albion Park 5th 0 0
22 Aug Albion Park 7th 0 0
29 Aug Albion Park 5th 0 0
3 Oct Albion Park 9th 0 0
                                                                                                  Return 70.38

*Nett after commisions and driver fees

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From Near and Far

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